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Labelling and labels
Labels and the matching accessories are important in all areas of the company to keep work progressing smoothly, and to ensure a good labelling system. Labelling strips identify the contents of storage boxes, transport boxes or shelving units and therefore guarantee that all work materials can be found by employees at any time. Matching label holders can be replaced quickly when contents change, and ensure the information remains up-to-date. Labelling also creates organisation in storage trays and filing cupboards at administrative level. Labels for drawers ensure a clear overview as well. In retail sales, labels are needed to mark prices on the products being sold. Label rails are a particularly functional means of labelling when prices change frequently. The clamp rails are affixed to the sales shelves, and hold the price label. Another area of use for labels is, for example, recycling – stickers to mark the tops of bins ensure that the containers are easy to differentiate. Professional labelling therefore saves costs and time during everyday work.

The right labelling and the matching label for every requirement
Because they can be used in so many different areas, labels always need to come in all sorts of different dimensions. Open fronted storage bins and stacking boxes often feature insert pockets that can only hold a certain sized label. A wide range of made-to-match labels means wasting time to cut labels to size is unnecessary. Labels with adhesive surfaces can be used for containers without the corresponding holders. Protective surfaces ensure a long service life for the label on surfaces subject to wear. In this case, special protective films are used. When labelling any hazardous content in particular, the label should always be protected by special film or label pockets. In this case, it is always advantageous when a normal pen can be used for labelling and no special markers for plastic are needed. Whatever the labels that you required, you will find that KAISER+KRAFT has products suitable for your requirements in best professional quality.

Labelling, labels

Sending, filing, organising, addressing, labelling... there's labelling suitable for every job, a label for every item. By providing the right information at the right place, you will quickly create a better overview and better organisation.
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pack of 200
Ex. VAT from 5,55
Label rail
for shelving basket
Ex. VAT from 3,40
Label rail
for stacking basket
Ex. VAT from 8,60
white, for open fronted storage bin
Ex. VAT from 11,00
Label frame
pack of 1000
Ex. VAT 27,85
Label holder
self-adhesive, pack of 100
Ex. VAT from 95,20
Label holder
magnetic, pack of 100
Ex. VAT from 105,50
Ex. VAT 42,85
WxH 75 x 39 mm
Ex. VAT 10,90
pack of 5
Ex. VAT 24,35
WxH 210 x 60 mm
Ex. VAT 7,75
Self-adhesive labels
WxH 66 x 41 mm, pack of 100
Ex. VAT 3,30
for industrial swivel chair
Ex. VAT 24,70
Ex. VAT from 7,35
WxH 210 x 74 mm
Ex. VAT 8,10
Ex. VAT 20,25
Set of stickers
self-adhesive, contains 5 stickers
Ex. VAT 18,65
Labels for price labeller
WxH 26 x 12 mm, pack of 18 rolls, 1500/roll
Ex. VAT 77,30
for shelf bin
Ex. VAT from 15,20
Transparent label holder
for long sides and ends
Ex. VAT 12,15
Ex. VAT 13,05
Ex. VAT 8,00
Label holder
large T-frame, pack of 10
Ex. VAT 26,35
Label holder
for Euro stacking containers
Ex. VAT 20,15
Ex. VAT 16,90
Labels for open fronted storage bin, pack of 100
with transparent film with tractor feed edge
Ex. VAT from 12,25
Ex. VAT 11,10
Ex. VAT 13,80
Ex. VAT 79,90
Ex. VAT from 7,25
pack of 50, white
Ex. VAT from 7,00
for drawer
Ex. VAT 11,85
Spring clip
for fastening labels
Ex. VAT 19,30
Shelf labels
for light duty model
Ex. VAT 33,40
with transparent plastic cover
Ex. VAT from 6,25
Shelf labels
for medium duty version
Ex. VAT 33,40
Ex. VAT 11,90
for long sides and ends
Ex. VAT 12,40
for end
Ex. VAT 12,15
for bin
Ex. VAT from 6,50
Label holder
80 x 20 mm
Ex. VAT 5,10
Labels for price labeller
WxH 29 x 28 mm, pack of 24 rolls, 700/roll
Ex. VAT 80,10
for shelf bin, height 30 mm
Ex. VAT from 13,35
Self-adhesive labels
WxH 127 x 41 mm, pack of 100
Ex. VAT 5,95
Ex. VAT from 5,30
Ex. VAT 5,70
Ex. VAT 6,20
59 items found
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