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Barriers and markings for operational safety
With the help of well-designed barriers and markings, the employer can make a significant contribution towards creating a safe workplace for their employees. The fundamental legal norms specifying the provisions for occupational safety at the workplace are defined in the company safety directive, labour protection laws and work safety regulations. The employer must determine from this if it is necessary to use barriers and markings in order to adequately protect workers from the respective hazards at the workplace. With special warning and barrier tapes, areas where access is only to be restricted for a short period of time can be very easily cordoned off. You will find every product available to permanently restrict access to certain routes or areas in the barriers category. Special marking paints are ideal for marking specific routes, and appropriate devices can be used to apply them to floors or other surfaces. Ideally, a company-internal safety plan exists so that occupational safety can be optimally implemented. Many everyday risks at the workplace can be effectively minimised through the use of barriers and markings. However, these are not the only areas where it is important for a company to make provisions for safety.

Professional individual measures for barriers and markings
Walkways are not the only areas in a company which must be appropriately marked. There are still many other places where it is necessary to inform employees about something, protect against hazards or to sort materials. Crash protection is often necessary in different areas of the workshop, in order to protect shelving units or machinery against collisions with forklifts. On the other hand, speed ramps at entrances and exits protect pedestrians from continuous delivery traffic. Boom gates prevent unwelcome guests from entering the company premises or underground parking garage. And of course, signs are needed in the office to identify rooms. Other labels and stickers are helpful for the identification of various materials. Cable ducts round out the offering. They are essential aids for every office, in order to safely hide the multitude of cables associated with electronic devices. Barriers and markings are quite the diverse subject and therefore belong in the hands of experienced specialists like KAISER+KRAFT.

Barriers and markings

Mark off, secure or cordon off danger zones, traffic routes and work areas! This allows you to ensure your entire company premises remain safe.
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