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Swivel chairs for dynamic seating
Swivel chairs make sitting less static and make routine movements and practices much easier. The more time is spent at the desk in the office or in the factory hall, the higher the expectations of the chairs and tables provided will be. Swivel chairs to ensure healthy sitting with an attractive design can be found here online. Are you planning to furnish an open plan office in a uniform style and with functional office swivel chairs? Are you looking for a high quality swivel chair for working in your home office? You will find the swivel chair that you are looking for, whether for bulk orders or as a carefully selected individual item, right here. Among other colours, classic hues such as office grey, charcoal, blue and black are available to ensure the chairs harmonise with the respective ambience. With vinyl coverings, polyacrylic seat covers or back rests made of actively breathing mesh covers, office swivel chairs also offer plenty of opportunities for individual adaptation regardless of the material used. Not least due to their attractive visual appearance do these office chairs ensure that everything looks just right at the workplace. Contoured seats and height adjustable arm rests increase comfort when seat even further.

Selecting height adjustable swivel chairs
To allow the height of the seat to be adjusted, the individual swivel chairs have been equipped with different adjustment mechanisms. A gas lift height adjustment system allows heights of more than 800 mm to be covered. Diverse office chairs are also equipped with a rocker mechanism, including counter-weight adjustment. Swivel chairs with synchronous mechanisms, or permanent contact mechanisms, can also be found here. All swivel chairs in this product range have been selected in accordance with the high quality standards that KAISER+KRAFT has been renowned for now for decades. These office swivel chairs were made for sophisticated office furnishings and high quality workshop equipment. An additional benefit: all swivel chairs purchased come with a thirty day right of return from the date of delivery. If an office chair somehow doesn't quite fit in after all, an alternative can be quickly and reliably found and procured this way. Take a look at the other office furniture available in the KAISER+KRAFT online shop and put together the work equipment that best suits your own preferences.

Desk chairs and executive armchairs

What has five legs, two arms and a back but no head? A monster? Far from it – we're talking about swivel chairs. Taking a healthy seat while retaining maximum flexibility by means of hi-tech functions will boost your posture all day. Work productively and at full concentration while allowing yourself to be comfortable.
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Topstar - Operator swivel chair, point synchronous mechanism
flat seat with knee roll and Body Balance Tec®
Ex. VAT 363,50
Topstar - Operator swivel chair, permanent contact mechanism and ...
with Body Balance Tec®, back rest with mesh covering
Ex. VAT 253,00
Dauphin - Operator swivel chair
fabric cover with mesh back rest
Ex. VAT 276,00
Ex. VAT 473,00
Ex. VAT 129,00
Operator swivel chair
office swivel armchair, soft leather
Ex. VAT from 634,00
Topstar - Operator swivel chair
upholstered back rest
Ex. VAT 219,00
Ex. VAT 252,00
Ex. VAT from 316,50
Ex. VAT 362,00
Topstar - Standard swivel chair
without arm rests, back rest 450 mm
Ex. VAT from 98,00
Ex. VAT from 296,00
Ex. VAT from 296,00
Ex. VAT 296,00
Ex. VAT 185,00
Topstar - BIGSTAR20 operator swivel chair
point synchronous mechanism, max. load 150 kg
Ex. VAT 449,00
Topstar - CHAIRMAN swivel armchair
back rest height 780 mm
Ex. VAT 362,00
Ex. VAT from 395,50
Ex. VAT from 358,00
Ex. VAT from 442,00
Ex. VAT from 498,00
Ex. VAT from 442,00
Ex. VAT from 498,00
Ex. VAT from 521,00
Ex. VAT from 521,00
Ex. VAT from 578,00
Ex. VAT from 578,00
Ex. VAT from 428,00
Ex. VAT from 476,00
Ex. VAT from 584,00
Ex. VAT from 584,00
Ex. VAT from 641,00
Ex. VAT from 641,00
Ex. VAT from 483,50
Ex. VAT from 539,00
Ex. VAT from 429,00
Ex. VAT from 294,50
Ex. VAT from 372,50
Ex. VAT from 372,50
Ex. VAT from 383,50
96 items found
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