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Stainless steel worktop

for stainless steel workstation

  • Designed for use in controlled rooms
  • Consisting of a stainless steel worktop and base cupboards
All functional surfaces made of 1.4301 stainless steel (V2A).
Made of V2A (1.4301) stainless steel. Depth 650 mm.
For mounting on 1, 2, 3 or 4 base cupboards.
Base cupboards can be found under combinations.
Custom solutions available on request.
Recommended use
Hygienic areas
Controlled rooms
Quality advantages
Stainless steel - rust free  These items are made of stainless steel.
Stainless steel worktop, for stainless steel workstation
Price / item (Ex. VAT)
from 329,00
Order quantity:
{"articleNo":"M1036249","name":"Stainless steel worktop for stainless steel workstation","baseProduct":"","productUrl":"/p/M1036249/","imageUrl":"/Chairs_and_tables/Work_tables/Stainless_steel_worktop_pdpsmall--AA00114869II-01.jpg"}
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Item no. / Description of item Delivery time: Order quantity: Price / item
for 2 base cupboards
Item no.:  114866 49
Stainless steel worktop, for stainless steel workstation, for 2 base cupboards
4 Week delivery
Ex. VAT 417,00
{"articleNo":"114866","name":"Stainless steel worktop for stainless steel workstation","baseProduct":"M1036249","productUrl":"/p/M1036249/","imageUrl":"/Chairs_and_tables/Work_tables/Stainless_steel_worktop_pdpsmall--AA00114866II-01.jpg"}
Item properties:
Worktop width: 1,200 mm Model: for 2 base cupboards Weight: 39 kg
{"features":[{"name":"Worktop width [mm]","normalizedName":"","value":"1200","formattedValue":"1,200"},{"name":"Model","normalizedName":"","value":"for 2 base cupboards","formattedValue":"for 2 base cupboards"},{"name":"Weight [kg]","normalizedName":"","value":"39","formattedValue":"39"}]}
for 3 base cupboards
Item no.:  114867 49
Stainless steel worktop, for stainless steel workstation, for 3 base cupboards
4 Week delivery
Ex. VAT 505,00
{"articleNo":"114867","name":"Stainless steel worktop for stainless steel workstation","baseProduct":"M1036249","productUrl":"/p/M1036249/","imageUrl":"/Chairs_and_tables/Work_tables/Stainless_steel_worktop_pdpsmall--AA00114867II-01.jpg"}
Item properties:
Worktop width: 1,800 mm Model: for 3 base cupboards Weight: 56 kg
{"features":[{"name":"Worktop width [mm]","normalizedName":"","value":"1800","formattedValue":"1,800"},{"name":"Model","normalizedName":"","value":"for 3 base cupboards","formattedValue":"for 3 base cupboards"},{"name":"Weight [kg]","normalizedName":"","value":"56","formattedValue":"56"}]}
for 4 base cupboards
Item no.:  114868 49
Stainless steel worktop, for stainless steel workstation, for 4 base cupboards
4 Week delivery
Ex. VAT 604,00
{"articleNo":"114868","name":"Stainless steel worktop for stainless steel workstation","baseProduct":"M1036249","productUrl":"/p/M1036249/","imageUrl":"/Chairs_and_tables/Work_tables/Stainless_steel_worktop_pdpsmall--AA00114868II-01.jpg"}
Item properties:
Worktop width: 2,400 mm Model: for 4 base cupboards Weight: 75 kg
{"features":[{"name":"Worktop width [mm]","normalizedName":"","value":"2400","formattedValue":"2,400"},{"name":"Model","normalizedName":"","value":"for 4 base cupboards","formattedValue":"for 4 base cupboards"},{"name":"Weight [kg]","normalizedName":"","value":"75","formattedValue":"75"}]}
for 1 base cupboard
Item no.:  114869 49
Stainless steel worktop, for stainless steel workstation, for 1 base cupboard
4 Week delivery
Ex. VAT 329,00
{"articleNo":"114869","name":"Stainless steel worktop for stainless steel workstation","baseProduct":"M1036249","productUrl":"/p/M1036249/","imageUrl":"/Chairs_and_tables/Work_tables/Stainless_steel_worktop_pdpsmall--AA00114869II-01.jpg"}
Item properties:
Worktop width: 600 mm Model: for 1 base cupboard Weight: 21 kg
{"features":[{"name":"Worktop width [mm]","normalizedName":"","value":"600","formattedValue":"600"},{"name":"Model","normalizedName":"","value":"for 1 base cupboard","formattedValue":"for 1 base cupboard"},{"name":"Weight [kg]","normalizedName":"","value":"21","formattedValue":"21"}]}

Technical data

Recommended use hygienic areas: yes
controlled rooms: yes
cleanrooms: no
Supplied assembled

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