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A world-famous photograph from 1932 would make all health and safety officers more than just slightly nervous today. Do you know which picture we mean?

It is “Lunch atop a Skyscraper” by Charles C. Ebbets – and shows men taking a break on a steel girder of the General Electric Building at a vertigo-inducing height above Manhattan. Their feet are dangling 200 metres above 41st street while they eat their sandwiches and read the newspaper as if this was the most normal thing in the world. There is no hint of safety measures.

However, the workplace can be dangerous: according to the State German Accident Insurance Association, twists, stumbles and falls are the most frequent causes of accidents. 

These cannot be completely avoided, as mistakes will occur wherever people work. However, the risks can be reduced to an acceptable level – by acting with caution and thinking ahead. Preventative measures are all the more important as it is undoubtedly the case that nobody can afford expensive absences from work, disruptions to production or unsafe work procedures. The health of employees is becoming the most important capital for companies. At KAISER+KRAFT we are happy to provide intelligent products to ensure that this remains the case.

With our support, you can promote the health and safety of your employees actively and thereby contribute to the financial success of your company. We have put together a comprehensive product portfolio for you.



Everything has its limits. It is even better if they can be clearly recognised as such. Thanks to our barriers in warning colours you can mark out hazardous areas in a manner that cannot be overlooked and thereby draw attention to possible dangers.

In addition you can provide safe areas in the company with chain stands and belt systems. These also mark areas in a visible, fast and effective manner.

With the aid of safety railings you can mark off internal company paths for the long term and thereby protect employees and property on company premises and also create a measurable degree of freedom of movement in the workplace.

Barrier posts and barrier fencing help to block off work areas, storage areas and danger zones. Mobile barriers such as expanding barriers give you the opportunity of marking out work areas safety and quickly.

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Other products such as mobile fencing, parking barriers or traffic cones can also be found in the Barriers category.

If you would like to secure your company premises, then place booms and barriers at entrances and passageways. Unauthorised persons cannot enter the premises and your traffic can be regulated.


Are you looking for booms, barriers and height restrictions? You can find them here.

Crash guards

Good for the long term: crash guards for employees, systems and machines.

Our crash guards and edge protection is extremely tough, resilient and durable. You can therefore show your sense of responsibility towards protecting employees, conveying vehicles and work and storage areas. With protection bars, crash guard railings or bollards that are easy to set up, you can secure company-internal routes that your employees walk down; shelf units and machines can be secured with crash guards and ram protection elements so that they cannot be damaged by collisions with pallet trucks.

Thanks to the yellow warning colour or yellow/black marking, all crash guards have a great warning effect and are highly visible. If you see something, it is only logical not to walk into it! To protect collisions at edges and corners we offer a wide range of flexible protection profiles in the warning colours yellow/black or red/white. We also have florescent, long-glowing and retro-reflective protective profiles in our product range. If if in spite of all the precautionary measures taken, an impact still occurs, the right crash guard means that the worst has been prevented: round rails and bollards made from special polymer-based plastic are so flexible that the return to their original shape after a collision. This not only protects your stock and your transport vehicles, the crash guard products themselves are protected and you also have less costs for repair work as a result.


Reading the signs made simple – with correct marking and labelling.

We help you add some colour to your working day. Put more precisely: colour markings. These allow you to clearly mark company-internal routes and areas. And if your employees keep to these specified routes, company traffic can flow in a more controlled and safe manner. The risk of collisions with adjacent objects is reduced for vehicles that move within the marked area. Our floor marking paints and floor coatings allow you to clearly mark storage areas and their purposes and also compensate for small level differences.

The area of labelling and marking includes colour marking devices, floor marking paint and marking tapes for the ground and also document sleeves, document frames, labels, label holders, stickers, signs and character sets. During order picking, signs or numbered stickers can help employees find their way better in the labyrinth of shelf rows. And those who know were they are going find storage locations faster and thanks to corresponding markings – PVC floor markings for pallet storage locations or PVC regulations and prohibition icons – work processes can be more effectively organised.

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Mirrors and speed ramps

Everything clearly in view, free of dangers and at the right speed. With panorama and traffic mirrors, cable bridges and speed ramps.

You don't check your hair in panorama mirrors and traffic mirrors. These mirrors are there to give you a clear view. You have a free view of what's happening even in the most cramped conditions. Even in areas where vision is impaired and traffic is heavy you can keep everything in view and production processes can be better controlled. Bottlenecks, collisions or irritating obstacles will become a thing of the past. What you can do indoors, you can also do outside! Many company premises have crossings and junctions that are difficult to see, traffic mirrors help keep things flowing. When used in demanding climatic conditions, we recommend our ice- and condensation-free acrylic glass mirrors and the stainless steel model for extreme weather conditions.

You can increase safety on company premises even further with our speed ramps and cable bridges. Yellow or yellow/black are an unmistakable sign for care and caution. Cable bridges allow free-lying cables or hoses to disappear. Operating and storage traffic can flow unhindered again. In addition you protect your supply lines and get rid of potential stumbling hazards for your employees. Speed ramps not only mark out hazard zones, but also contribute to calming traffic on company premises. Why? Anybody who has ever driven over such a bump too fast will know the feeling of being shaken up thoroughly and will reduce speed voluntarily the next time.

Other PVC or aluminium cable bridges for removing stumbling hazards in the office can be found here.

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Winter service equipment

A winter's tale.

And what do the winter road team need every year? Good organisation in the form of grit, scatter trucks and grit containers. The latter is available as the classic model made from high-quality PE or GRP for storing outdoors.

Then your employees are ready to get started clearing the road on important routes and entrances. Go get your shovel! And should the ice, frost and snow really hit hard, no problem – we also offer large-volume scatter trucks. Do you know what the best thing would be? Setting up a material store in your company so that you are prepared at any time in winter for whatever the heavens let loose.

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Display boards

What do display case and notice boards have to do with company safety?

A great deal. Without a detailed description of guidelines and regulations, employees are not adequately informed. Every employee should know the safety measures in force in their company and know how to respond if the unexpected happens: What do I have to do in case of fire? Who do I contact in the event of an emergency? What should I do when a machine breaks down

Only employees who are aware of their rights and obligations can help themselves and others in emergencies. Employers are also obliged to make public the text of some work safety laws and regulations in easily legible form at a suitable location. Then our display cases and notice boards are just what you need.


The display cases in the signal colours of red, yellow and green help you to add a colour emphasis to safety-relevant topics.



>>Further information on notices boards in the area of company safety.


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