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Pages with best practice advice on ergonomics

Ergonomics in the office 

Ergonomics in the factory

Ergonomics in transport

Here you will find useful information on healthy sitting and the Upliner desk with electric height adjustment. In offices, ergonomic office furniture is particularly important. That’s why our purchasing guide also includes the Guidelines for workstation equipment. More information on the mechanisms and functional product components of ergonomic office chairs can be found in the encyclopaedia of healthy sitting in the office.

Standing at packing tables or machines for a long time can cause big back problems. Here you will find information on what ergonomic standing means for your staff and what requirements healthy work chairs should fulfil. Even ladders can have ergonomic functions. Here we have provided information on the use of ladders and how to prevent back injury.

Transport devices and trolleys are important aids for enabling healthy lifting and moving of heavy objects. Quick-lift functions and ergonomic handles make even transporting bulky objects easier. Additional functional products such as the E-module not only assist in transporting objects ergonomically but also speed up important work processes.

Ergonomics in the workplace

Ergonomics in the workplace has long been a subject which is nothing new. In fact, quite the opposite is true as companies consider it increasingly important to offer their staff a healthy workplace. This is because ergonomic workplaces contribute to a healthy and happy workforce. And finally, it has been proved that providing workplaces that are better for your health actually reduces the average number of sick days among staff and can even increase productivity.

The economics are simple. Buying ergonomic office furniture pays off if you opt for long-lasting quality products. Studies prove that, if an employee increases their output by just 3 %, it doesn’t even take a year before they have covered the added cost of around €1000. In the following years, this therefore results in pure profit.

We knew the importance of ergonomic products long before they were part of the trend. Due to the great demand, the subject of ergonomics now runs right the way through our extensive product range. On our advice pages we would like to explain to you more about ergonomic requirements from various sales areas, for example, and also recommend you suitable products. This is just an extract from the entire range from KAISER+KRAFT and cannot replace professional advice from our sales experts.

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