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Height adjustable pedestal desks give you exactly what your everyday life doesn't need: constant ups and downs. What usually saps your strength can, in this case, help your health: discover the benefits that alternating between sitting and standing can bring you. More detailed information about the advantages of electrically height adjustable desks and the UPLINER models can be found here.

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Sit-stand desks will keep your everyday work moving along!

Those who work with their heads make sure they have a pedestal desk to work at. Experts for occupational health and safety recommend alternating between sitting and standing several times over the course of a day. Not only does this keep your metabolism functioning properly, but also helps prevent typical ailments caused by sitting for long periods. Plus those who really use their heads choose a height adjustable desk because there couldn't be a simpler way to ensure an ergonomic workplace.

What health benefits do dynamic desks have?

The UPLINER 2.0 electrically height adjustable desk perfectly demonstrates ergonomics can be maintained in a company that keeps up with the times:

  • Individual heights adapt the workplace perfectly to the employee – especially when used together with similarly adjustable office chairs.

  • The memory function ensures that the respective optimum setting while seated and standing is retained – and makes adjustment easier even when several employees share one desk.

  • Being adjustable at the touch of a button, any adjustment only takes a few seconds and requires no effort at all.

And because the UPLINER series makes it so easy to optimise a workplace, your employees will make active use of these stand-up/sit-down desks. And that, in turn, provides huge benefits for their health:

  • If the desk and chair are optimally aligned, an ideal sitting posture with legs and arms at a 90-degree angle takes any strain off the spine

  • A straightforward change of position promotes circulation and gives the cardiovascular system a boost

  • Writing emails and preparing presentations while standing promotes concentration on the most important elements, and automatically keeps the body in motion

Ergonomics provided by height adjustable desks KAISER+KRAFT – it pays off!

If you're fine-tuning your ergonomics with our UPLINER 2.0 product range and other products for equipping workplaces, then it will pay off for you over the medium to long-term: absenteeism due to illness decreases, concentration increases, workflows are optimised and changes of employee are no longer a problem. Or, to put it concisely: An ergonomic company works more effectively – for everyone involved.

Taking a closer look at our advice on ergonomics, ordering the corresponding products, and consulting us at any time when you have questions is therefore more than worthwhile!

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