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Packing tables for uninterrupted dispatch
Packing tables are a key item, and one of the most important pieces of equipment, in every mail order company. Speed is the alpha and omega for a well run business. Good packing tables help your employees to work quickly and effectively. Extension modules such as the height adjustment unit, cutters or lamps ensure working conditions are particularly ergonomic and help promote fast work in the packaging department. Not every packing table is the same, which is why certain characteristics should be provided by this product. When sending letters, parcels and packages, having enough space available for packaging is essential so that the work can proceed in a structured manner without any mistakes being made. Suitable packing table provide enough space for sorting, packaging and sticking on stamps. Space is an important factor for systematic and quick work for large objects, or large order volumes, in particular when getting them ready for dispatch. Many packing tables have additional storage surfaces to provide room for folders, envelopes, stamps and other material. This can result in a lot of time being saved, as all essential utensils are stored in a way that makes them easy to reach.

High quality packing tables
The basic element of a packing table, comprised of a stable steel construction with powder coating and a worktop with a plastic coating is an extendable system suitable for flexible use. The right combination can be combined for every requirements. There are extension elements, such as different storage surfaces in the form of shelves, for the packing tables available here in the webshop. Some have height adjustable shelves and steel bars that allow envelopes, folders and cardboard boxes to be stored upright. The packing table shelves have a stable design to ensure they can withstand heavier objects. Additional base drawers provide even more storage space. This allows postage stamps, ink stamps, pens and other objects to be stored securely. There are also integrated cutters with cutting widths of up to 1000 mm as useful accessories available for packing tables. An add-on cutting stand is easy to bolt onto the edge of the tabletop. Packing tables with metal rear panels, form trays, mobile roll containers, keyboard shelves and other accessories round off the product range.

Packing tables

Put it on the packing table, ready, go: cardboard box on top. Fold it down. Tape it shut. Turn it over. Put the bubble wrap in. Another layer of foil. Don't forget the delivery documents. Fold, tape, apply the address label. Package on the truck. Finished. And start all over... our packing tables make it all so easy.
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BASIC packing table
standard unit
Ex. VAT 410,00
Ex. VAT 617,00
BASIC packing table
with shelf and cutter
Ex. VAT 946,00
Basic cutting stand
HxD 1050 x 800 mm
Ex. VAT from 410,00
Cutting stand
HxD 1250 x 800 mm
Ex. VAT from 585,00
Ex. VAT from 366,00
Double cutting stand
HxD 1550 x 800 mm, adjustable outlet height
Ex. VAT from 1.090,00
Under-table dispenser
HxD 800 x 800 mm
Ex. VAT from 315,50
Under-table cutter
HxD 800 x 800 mm
Ex. VAT from 735,00
Vertical cutting stand
WxD 950 x 800 mm
Ex. VAT from 670,00
Ex. VAT 562,00
PROFI LINE packing table
complete packing station with steel drawer
Ex. VAT 1.160,00
PROFI LINE packing table
complete packing station with packaging storage shelf
Ex. VAT 1.160,00
13 items found
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