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Incorrectly stamped letters, packages and parcels cause discontent, because delivery is delayed. The result: the delivery date falls through, the customer is angry, the employees frustrated. You might be better offer buying professional scales right now.

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Weighing with scales
Scales are in frequent use when the weight of an object carries weight. Letter scales and electric scales are an important object for daily use at every company that has to package and send goods. Weighing letters, packages and parcels is necessary to put the right postage on or to be able to tell the freight carrier the exact weight. Letter scales are a practical aid to determine this kind of information. They ensure that weighing parcels and finding out what letters weigh will never be a problem. Weighing particularly small goods that cannot be counted without a lot of effort can be done precisely using electric scales, which also help save time. They ensure the exact quantity can be determined. Counting large quantities can also take a lot of time. Weighing is a practical technique of determining the number of items quickly and exactly.

Professional scales in high quality
Our online shop offers different types of scales. High quality compact scales and professional counting scales are included in the product range. The right scale is available for every purpose. Mains powered and battery operated scales ensure flexible use. Robust materials and good workmanship ensure a long service life even when the scales are used on a daily basis. When weighing goods, counting scales are a practical option. Easy operation and easy to read displays ensure using them is always convenient. Counting scales allow the weight to be determined in addition to the number of items. This ensures scales can be used individually. Counting scales offer a particularly accurate way to determine the exact number of items. Automatic reference optimisation makes exact figures possible. Scales protected against the ingress of dust and splash water are particularly suitable for use in the warehouse and workshop.