Bolt-together shelf units

Our bolt-together shelving is easy to put together with bolts, and has such a stable stand that it can be set up as a free standing unit anywhere in the room without problems. The bolt-together shelving units are especially popular in warehouses or workshops, for example – anywhere, in fact, where reliable, flexible and high quality shelving is needed.

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Bolt-together shelving: storage with cost certainty

There is really only one effective way to prevent disorganisation and chaos in the warehouse, in the workshop or in the production facility: shelving units! They are available as all sorts of different models, and the procurement department will often ask which one is the right one. Bolt-together shelving provides the answers with excellent cost certainty.

Bolt-together shelving vs. boltless shelving units: what are the advantages of bolt connections?

The type of connection used for shelving systems is an important decision-making criterion, not only at the first glance, but also at second and third.

Bolt-together shelving is assembled using tools and screws. Although this takes a little longer and is a little more complicated, it ensures outstanding stability and a high load-bearing capacity, and provides long-term storage space for important accessories, from cardboard boxes to work equipment and office supplies.

Bolt-together shelving units with uprights and stainless steel shelves are ideally suited to gastronomy, the medical field and as cleanroom shelving units. While this also applies for boltless shelving units, the bolt connection does, however, provide an important economic argument:

These shelves are easier to produce and therefore cost comparatively less. This allows you to equip large storage areas with cost certainty and, if necessary, to extend them just as cost-effectively.

However, because extending the storage area or converting the shelving units involves a little more work, bolt-together shelving is always the right choice if you wish to store goods with practically no changes over a long period of time. Archives are a frequent place of use.

What factors should I consider when making a choice?

When selecting shelving units and shelving systems, everything revolves around the load capacities that are required and can be provided. This may play a smaller role for bolt-together shelving than it does for office shelving units, when it is mainly a question of the space that is available.

In the workshop, production areas, the laboratory and clean rooms, in contrast, the shelving units sometimes have to withstand quite some demands. This is why it is better to calculate your requirements generously. The decision for a bolt-together or plug-in connection is also a long-term decision, as both versions cannot be combined with each other. But don't worry: our range of extensions and spare parts makes it child's play to procure new parts. Feel free to contact us!

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