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Shelving for specialised goods
Shelving for specialised goods can be purchased here in the webshop. However, what doesn't go together won't function as required. This is why attention should primarily be paid to functionality and practicality when choosing the shelving for specialised goods. Safety and organisation are the basic requirements of a professional shelving system. However, conventional shelving units are not always suitable for storing special goods like tyres or drums. This is why there is a demand for specifically customised solutions. Tyre shelving units must be able to hold large loads, and be stable and robust on the one hand, while on the other hand also be able to be adapted flexibly to the conditions at the site of use. Fast assembly saves time and money in this case. Storing liquids makes using welded sump shelves necessary to reliably prevent any escaping material from spreading. Trough shelving units satisfy these requirements and can also prevent small parts from falling. The highest load bearing capacity is provided by shelving units for drums. Integrated forklift pockets make transport much easier in this case.

Functionality guarantees safety
A shelving unit suitable for every specialised product: you will find an extensive product range here. Tyre shelving units with high load bearing capacities in different sizes ensure proper storage is easy. The straightforward plug in assembly allows quick and flexible assembly. Zinc plated components ensure durability and stability. Those who need to store many small parts and containers of liquids will always want to utilise trough shelving with high load capacities, and which also prevent liquids from leaking all over the floor. High performance, hot dip galvanised shelving units for drums can accommodate 2 x 200 litre drums, and up to three elements can be stacked above each other. The highest possible safety is offered by the drum sumps that can be integrated. Secure your products now along with the storage area, and create professional organisation and use the extensive services provided by KAISER+KRAFT when purchasing your shelving for specialised goods.

Shelf units for special goods

Where to put all the tyres, drums or small containers? Normal shelving units aren't worth considering. Quite the opposite: you need a shelving unit for specialised goods! And you'll find one here. Tray shelves, tyre shelves, drum shelving, small container shelves – our special shelving is the perfect storage option for special goods.
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Drum and small container shelf unit
WxDxH 910 x 790 x 780 mm
Ex. VAT from 267,00
Drum and small container shelf unit
WxDxH 1310 x 800 x 780 mm
Ex. VAT from 313,50
Ex. VAT from 346,50
Tyre shelf unit
shelf height 2000 mm
Ex. VAT from 90,10
Ex. VAT 354,00
Tyre shelf unit
shelf height 2500 mm
Ex. VAT from 117,90
Tyre shelf unit
shelf height 3000 mm
Ex. VAT from 143,70
Trough shelf unit
shelf unit height 2000 mm, trough width 1000 mm
Ex. VAT from 366,00
Trough shelf unit
shelf unit height 2500 mm, trough width 1300 mm
Ex. VAT from 471,00
Ex. VAT 464,00
Ex. VAT 510,00
Ex. VAT from 563,00
Trough shelf unit
shelf unit height 2000 mm, trough width 1300 mm
Ex. VAT from 399,00
Trough shelf unit
shelf unit height 2500 mm, trough width 1000 mm
Ex. VAT from 435,50
14 items found
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