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Loading ramps and bridges as loading aids
Loading ramps are tilted surfaces that can be crossed by transport goods or wheeled vehicles on wheels or castors. In contrast to ramps that are designed to be built in place, they are usually employed as a carrier surface or runway between two levels with different heights. They are often made of profiled steel or aluminium sheet, with or without profiles at the side. Depending on the product being used and its design, different types of loading ramps can be employed. The designations used, along with the purpose, often overlap. You can find loading ramps and bridges as loading aids and approach ramps in the lifting device and equipment category. They are characterised by temperature resistance, high load bearing capacities and robustness. You will find loading ramps with different designs and different load bearing capacities here in the webshop.

High quality loading ramps and bridges for your company
Our online shop offers, for example, loading ramps with perforated surfaces and anti-slip tread surfaces. Safety bolts and a safety tab ensure the ramps are protected from falling. Ramp elements made of aluminium are also part of the product range. They feature a locking rod to prevent rolling over, and provide an ideal compensation for differences in height between a vehicle and ramp, and also feature an anti-slip surface. Furthermore, KAISER+KRAFT can offer its customers a bridge plate with angled supports to protect any slipping, including a platform with a non-slip surface and two grip holes to carry them. There is also bridge plate with a moving hinged platform and grip rails in our range of high quality loading ramps and bridges. It features a moving hinged platform with side reinforcements. The professional loading ramps are available with different load bearing capacities, plate lengths or plate widths.

Loading ramps

Loading without problems? We can help – with our stable loading ramps. These practical aids are also known as load rails, approach ramps or slip rails – whatever the name, they are ideally suited to overcoming differences in height. Whether bridge plates, stair ramps or chocks – find yourself the right model right here in our shop!
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Ex. VAT from 214,00
Bridge plate
max. load 300 kg
Ex. VAT from 189,20
Ex. VAT from 316,50
Aluminium loading ramp
perforated walking surface
Ex. VAT from 153,00
Ramp, height adjustable
max. load 300 kg
Ex. VAT from 497,00
Ex. VAT from 616,00
Ex. VAT from 662,00
Ex. VAT from 735,00
Aluminium ramps
folding, 1 pair
Ex. VAT from 576,00
Mobile aluminium bridge plate
bridging depth 750 mm
Ex. VAT from 339,50
Mobile aluminium bridge plate
bridging depth 1000 mm
Ex. VAT from 399,00
Mobile aluminium bridge plate
bridging depth 1200 mm
Ex. VAT from 470,50
Mobile aluminium bridge plate
bridging depth 1500 mm
Ex. VAT from 679,00
Mobile aluminium bridge plate
bridging depth 1800 mm
Ex. VAT from 791,00
Aluminium loading ramp
max. load 350 kg
Ex. VAT 411,50
Aluminium loading ramp
max. load 400 kg
Ex. VAT 324,50
Aluminium loading ramp
max. load 500 kg
Ex. VAT 307,00
17 items found
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