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Cover pots, vases

Cover pots and vases, a science unto itself: big or small, low or high, plastic or ceramic – the plant pots and flower vases should look good as well. No problem for us – you'll find a wide range of cover pots and vases right here, perfect to provide a home for your real, or artificial, plants.
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Attractive cover pots and vases for your plants
Cover pots and vases are required for every plant, whether it a real plant or an artificial plant. A flower pot or a vase brings out the beauty of many a plant, and enhances the impression made by a room considerably as a stylish decorative element. Cover pots and vases are available in innumerable designs that differ according to shape, colour or material. There are, for example, flower pots made of plastic, pottery or stainless steel. The shapes of the cover pots vary from round to square, to conical or even quite extravagant shapes. Cover pots and vases can be harmonised with the furnishings or decorations already present in a room, because the choice of colours knows no limits. A cover pot is simply placed over a plant pot already being used, making it look more attractive. Vases, in contrast, are better suited for colourful bouquets of cut flowers and are filled with water to keep the real flowers looking good for as long as possible. Artificial plants can also be used as decorations, of course, however in this case no water is needed. Use a bit of decorative gravel as an alternative. Decorations using cover pots and vases can be varied again and again, and be adapted to numerous different occasions. There are no limits to the creative options they offer.

Cover pots and vases for decoration
Cover pots and vases are perfected suited as decorative objects. Most artificial plants in the online shop already have cover pots. However, you will also find a small range of suitable flower pots here as well. Flower vases are available in different designs. A conical vase is well suited for long stemmed flowers, where round vases, in contrast, are better suited for small but opulent bunches of flowers. Add a dash of spring flair to your company by arranging fresh flowers in a stylish vase like this on your desk. You will see that your customers will respond favourably to this modest, yet highly effective, decoration.
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