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File card cabinets

What would doctor's practices all over the world look like without them? Card file cabinets are the perfect solution when it comes to storing hundreds, or even thousands, or cards in a clearly arranged and well organised manner. And because card file cabinets are usually opened and closed day in, day out, our cabinets are not only practical, but also extremely robust.
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Card file cabinets for your card files
A variety of card file cabinets that do justice to all requirements can be found in the KAISER+KRAFT webshop, including ones made by the mauser company. Regardless whether for use in doctor's clinics, lawyer's practices or in the office – a cabinet like this is perfectly suited for filing file cards away in a well organised and well sorted manner. A large number of card file cabinets are often found in the same place for everyday work, as doctor's clinics, for example, have hundreds of patients whose data is documented by means of file cards, usually in an A5 format. A clearly organised way of storing these cards is therefore required. These documents are clearly stored in a card holder, ensuring the file needed can be found quickly. If larger quantities of cards need to be archived, then several card file cabinets can be set up next to each other. This also produces a harmonious appearance in the room they are kept in.

Durable card file cabinets for convenient handling
A card file cabinet is usually opened and shut several times a day, making it important that the cabinet is made of robust material that doesn't exhibit signs of wear too quickly. This is why the card file cabinets in the webshop are made of robust sheet steel and are stove enamelled. The drawers are convenient to extend in full, ensuring even cards stored right at the back can be reached without problems. A rotary cylinder lock ensures that the card file cabinet can be locked securely and that no unauthorised persons have access to customer data. With the aid of self adhesive labelling strips, the individual drawers of the card file cabinet can be labelled. Stickers are outstandingly suited for labelling them, and produce a harmonious impression when a uniform typeface is used. The card holders come with either handle bars or with grip rails – you can decide which type you like better. The drawers are equipped with two different retraction systems. The soft retraction mechanism makes the drawer retract the last few centimetres into the cabinet by itself. The standard retraction mechanism, in contrast, requires that the drawer be pushed all the way into the cabinet the usual way. The card file cabinets are delivered to you fully assembled, so that you need not be troubled with putting them together.
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