mauser Tool cupboards

The mauser storage space miracles

mauser tool cupboards don't just provide space for all sorts of tools, but also for all the materials that your trade requires. Screws and nuts, rivets and nails, plugs and clamps – you'll find all the small parts you need to perform all sorts of repairs in the open fronted storage bins in the mauser large cupboards. Without them, even the best tools are of little use. Plumbers, carpenters, painters, – they all value mauser tool cupboards with drawers and open fronted storage bins. Depending on the materials for which you require a mauser tool cupboard, you can choose the number of shelves it contains: for large parts, a cupboard with four shelves will easily suffice – but if you need to store small parts and custom made parts with individual shapes and sizes, then you're best ordering one of the models with nine or ten shelves. You can fit more than 100 open fronted storage bins in just one of these tool cupboards. And best of all: you can use the louvred and perforated panels on the doors to affix even more bins and tool holders.