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Pneumatic tyres – perfect rolling characteristics for transport
Pneumatic tyres are the professional solution for transporting heavy goods. The air-filled tyres can compensate problems with uneven flooring and therefore ensure that transport proceeds without problems. Even when the ground conditions are poor, pneumatic tyres are very well suited for use because very little rolling resistance occurs due to adaptation to the floor. Furthermore, air filled tyres provide optimum shock absorbency. These wheels are also very gentle on floors due to the air cushion as well. Pneumatic tyres have pressurised inner tubes inside them, which are able to carry the vehicle or the weight. The air pressure is decisive for the load bearing capacity of the tyres. When the air pressure falls, the load bearing capacity also falls, making the transport device much harder to move. This is why examining the air pressure on a regular basis is recommended for these tyres, and pumping them up with air is also recommended when required.

Tyres for your company's requirements
You will find pneumatic tyres for every requirement at KAISER+KRAFT. You can use them to get damaged devices back into service quickly and therefore avoid production downtime. The wheels are mounted on sheet steel rims and are bright zinc plated. A double ball bearing ensures that the wheels move easily and that the transport route is easy to move along. Only high quality materials are used for the axles and the wheel mounts, which guarantee a long tyre service life. Furthermore, there are ribbed tread profiles and block tread profiles to choose from. The size ranges from 200 x 50 mm (wheel diameter x width) up to 260 x 85 mm. The pneumatic tyres can be used both indoors and outdoors. Upon request, other hub bore holes, plain nylon bearings, different wheel sizes with plastic rims and other tyre versions can be delivered. We'll be happy to answer your questions, and we have a range of contact options available. And should a pneumatic tyre not be the right things for you, then take a look in the wheels and castors category – you'll be bound to find what you need.

Pneumatic tyres

Our pneumatic tyres are real masters of adaptation, because even highly uneven flooring won't put a damper on their performance. With very good shock absorbers and low rolling resistance, they are ideally suited for transporting heavy goods on poor substrates. Oh yes – our pneumatic tyres won't mark your floors either.
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Pneumatic tyre on sheet steel rim
wheel Ø x width 200 x 50 mm
from 28,65
Pneumatic tyre on sheet steel rim
wheel Ø x width 210 x 65 mm
from 40,55
Pneumatic tyre on sheet steel rim
wheel Ø x width 260 x 85 mm, tyre profil ribbed
from 58,30
Pneumatic tyre on sheet steel rim
wheel Ø x width 260 x 85 mm, tyre profil block
from 57,80
Pneumatic tyre
wheel with 1-part sheet steel rim
from 27,90
Pneumatic tyre
wheel with 1-part deep bed sheet steel rim
from 55,40
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6 items found
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