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One chair fits all? That won't go well. Because different areas require completely different industrial chairs – a sitting position largely facing forwards when doing mechanical work requires a completely different type of industrial chair to dynamic sitting as is usual in clinics. Find swivel chairs with high quality workmanship that will make working while seated so much better for you and your employee here.

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Industrial chairs: A seat with a vision

In many ways, how we sit and move around at work determines how healthy and capable of working we remain, and how well the task in hand is done. Manufacturers of today's industrial chairs have put a lot of thought into the most important aspects of ergonomics and offer solutions that turn visionary seating into reality.

What demands are made of industrial chairs in everyday work?

The industrial chair category includes a much large number of different models than typical desk chairs and executive chairs. This is also where you will find seating for special purposes – for example, for the laboratory, for a production line or for an ESD area. Each of these areas of application places specific demands on functionality, equipment features and ergonomics.

  1. Every industrial chair must be precisely configured for the respective requirements of the seat height and radius of motion

  2. All ergonomic chairs are designed to have a positive impact on the health of the person who sits on it by providing special functions (supports, adjustment mechanisms and step-ups)

  3. In areas such as cleanrooms and laboratories, specifications for discharge capacity or particle emissions must be complied with

  4. Today's industrial chairs offer an ideal ratio of space required to functionality

  5. They are sturdy, durable and can be cleaned to keep them hygienic

What advantages and functions do good industrial chairs provide?

The most important aspect of all industrial chairs for workshops and industry is ergonomics. Poor posture is counteracted even over long periods spent seated by encouraging the user to sit dynamically (which means staying in motion), and all key points of the body subject to strain are optimally supported by the chair, along with its seat and backrest. These demands are satisfied in multiple ways when high-quality brand-name models are used:

  • Stability ensured by flat five-star bases

  • Safe ease of movement due to smooth-running, load-dependent braked castors

  • Strain relief ensured by adjustable and tilting seat surfaces with ergonomic upholstery zones

  • Freedom of movement combined with a support effect in a slim backrest

  • Absolute adaptability through infinite height adjustment

In addition to these general factors, there are also aspects chosen to cater to individual requirements. Choose upholstery and covers that suit the location. In demanding environments such as a factory hall, self-skinning foam is the best choice, which is also protected from flying sparks etc. Vinyl is used, for example, in administration if particular importance is placed on high cleanability. Fabric covers are actively breathing and a good basic choice in environments with few mechanical influences.

Two mechanisms are particularly important for dynamic sitting. A permanent contact back rest follows every movement of the person seated. With a synchronous mechanism the seat moves along in sync as well. Both models are exceptionally important for dynamic sitting.

What do I need to pay attention when making my choice?

Whether office chairs or special industrial models: The special requirements of the respective user are the most important criteria when making your choice. Pay attention to your individual height and weight, ask about special health requirements and, of course, about the special demands that the workplace places on you.

In addition, there are standards and regulations for certain areas of application which your industrial chair should definitely comply with. These include, for example:

  • US Federal Standard 209E, DIN EN ISO 14644-1 and EU-GMP guidelines for cleanrooms

  • EN 61340-5-1 for the ESD area

  • Hygiene requirements for the laboratory

The minimum requirements of DIN 68877 are satisfied by all our products – which in most cases exceed them too. In addition, the manufacturers are constantly coming up with new innovations that improve ease of use and offer, for example, different types of upholstery for different work tasks. We will be happy to advise you about this and on all other questions regarding the purchase of industrial chairs from our product range.

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