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Humans are social animals. This is an undisputed fact. And this is why we cater to their need to be close and find companionship with our comfortable seating arrangements. Your employees can convene for meetings or project discussions indoors and outdoors, or simply enjoy lunch together. Discover a ''business chill-out lounge'' of your very own.

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Outdoor seating arrangements: Lunch will be eaten outdoors today

As soon as the dark time of year is over, every employee feels the urge to go outside during breaks. Sturdy and attractive seating arrangements for outdoor areas allow you to set up popular meeting points that all employees will be happy to frequent. Seating arrangements also send a subtle signal to visitors: we place a key focus on teamwork and communication.

How do seating arrangements encourage communication?

Despite all the openness that departments and teams exhibit in today's companies, it is still normal for employees to spend their breaks with their closest colleagues. If you upgrade the outdoor facilities by adding outdoor seating arrangements, the chances of bringing diverse areas of the company together increase.

This is because meeting points that are as popular as this in good weather make it much easier to strike up a conversation with colleagues you don't know. Chairs and tables like this can also encourage communication within the team, because you can get away from your usual office environment and talk about all kinds of topics in a relaxed atmosphere.

What requirements must a seating arrangement satisfy?

The seating arrangements for outdoor use should, of course, be able to withstand more than one change in the weather and daily use over summer. Combined models consisting of benches and tables must also have an optimal centre of gravity and must be able to remain upright without tipping over, even if only one user is sitting on them, or weight is unevenly distributed. If you have any doubts about this, then anchoring the seat sets in the floor is also recommended.

Models for social rooms also satisfy the highest demands in durability and ease of use. In this case, it is important that employees can arrange the chairs and tables to suit their own preferences and, for example, set up long tables or individual seating arrangements. Since typical seating arrangements for social rooms are often used by employees who work with a wide variety of materials and are in contact with dirt, one requirement that is equally as important is that they can be cleaned as easily as possible with a wide range of cleaning agents.

If you need advice on any of these factors, or on the range of seating arrangements available, you are welcome to contact us personally.

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