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Fits like a T – edge protection and surface protection
The right edge protection and surface protection saves cargo and strapping from being damaged during transport and when place in storage. That might sound straightforward, but can become quite complicated in practice. Because what we offer as edge protection and surface protection can assume many other functions: the items not only protect edges and the surface of sensitive items, but also function as stabilisers or as a crumple zone between the cardboard box and product. They reduce friction and distribute any pressure acting on the edges more evenly.

To ensure that packaged goods in all conceivable shapes and materials arrive at their destination safety, you'll find all different types of edge protection here: the bandwidth ranges from simple linings to strips, corners, brackets and corner brackets to profiles. The next step is selecting the material: cardboard is suitable as simple but effective edge protection and, just like PE foam, but cut to individual lengths. For sharp edged strapping, in contrast, sturdy, durable edge protection brackets made of metal or polyethylene are required. Along with the classic types of edge protection, protective nets and paper tubes are also included in the product range. Protective nets adapt to any shape – from a bottle to machine components – and provide reliable surface protection. The round tubes allow documents or posters to be sent without being bent. Whatever you need to package and send, we have the right edge protection and surface protection in our product range.

Edge protection, surface protection

There's no package and no pallet that doesn't have edges. And when the goods you are shipping are to arrive at the recipient safely and undamaged, then there's a little trick to packaging that fits perfectly: edge protection – in many different shapes, sizes and materials.
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Edge protection pad
made of PU, pack of 10
Ex. VAT from 44,15
Edge protection
with recessed edges, pack of 10
Ex. VAT 53,40
Edge protection
with large contact surface, pack of 10
Ex. VAT 16,90
Edge protection strip
3 mm solid cardboard
Ex. VAT from 30,75
Edge protection
made of metal, pack of 10
Ex. VAT 30,25
Edge protection
L profile for pallets, pack of 5
Ex. VAT from 121,00
Edge protection strip
2 mm solid cardboard
Ex. VAT from 21,80
Edge protection strip
3 mm solid cardboard, self adhesive
Ex. VAT from 35,20
Corner protection bracket
leg 50 x 50 mm, length 200 mm
Ex. VAT 503,00
Hard paper tube
pack of 25, plastic lids and bases
Ex. VAT from 25,15
Surface protection net
polyethylene, 1 roll
Ex. VAT from 87,20
Edge protection bracket
made of polyethylene
Ex. VAT from 62,00
14 items found
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