Technically optimised UPLINER 2.0
The technology used for the UPLINER 2.0, as an electrically height adjustable desk, has been optimised to the extent that it now allows 4 individually preset heights to be defined for fixed programmed positions. The way the UPLINER models make working at a desk much more pleasant for you is described here.

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The UPLINER 2.0 – because it's always worthwhile to expand on good ideas
The UPLINER 2.0 is a logically enhanced version of the predecessor model. It has inherited many helpful functions that are essential for a perfectly ergonomic workplace. A height adjustable desk is now an integral component of a healthy office workplace. The UPLINER 2.0 and its predecessor both offer convenient electrical height adjustment. Height adjustment is a necessary prerequisite for adjusting the desk to individual requirements and body sizes. This height adjustable desk can be used for work while seated, as well as standing up. Due to their versatility of use, the UPLINER desks are part of the VARIETY group. Unlike the predecessor model, the UPLINER 2.0 has four memory positions, allowing you to store different sitting and standing heights and set them at the touch of a button. The integrated motors used in the UPLINER desk move the tabletop automatically to the required height at a lift speed of 35 mm/s. The desks can be set to heights ranging between 625 mm and 1275 mm, and are very sturdy and durable. The smooth start and smooth stop and collision protection ensure components do not wear quickly, and the robust steel in the feet and frame are a guarantee for a long service life. The angled desk has a maximum static load of up to 150 kg and the rectangular desk has a maximum load capacity of up to 100 kg.

The UPLINER 2.0 – select the suitable model
Whether you opt for a rectangular desk or an angled table, just like its predecessor model, the UPLINER 2.0 is available in light grey, beech and maple finishes, and therefore harmonises visually with different office environments. The pure colours, clear lines, square lifting pillars and flat runners give the UPLINER table a puristic design. The desk is fitted with table legs in a silver colour, ensuring a high quality and adaptable appearance. The desk is supplied as standard with a fold out cable tray to store the wires and leads required and to give the office a tidy appearance, even under the desk. The UPLINER desk thereby contributes to creating an attractive office space and increasing the well-being of employees at the workplace. Another important plus point for the UPLINER 2.0 is the manufacturing process. The desk is an FSC product (Forest Stewardship Council®) and therefore constructed from certified wood that has been felled in responsibly and sustainably managed forests.