Power tools

Power tools? This is literally what you'll get from us! We offer power tools that really do give you a top performance. Drilling, sawing, grinding? Won't ever be a problem again!

Power tools: you can always use more power!

Today's trades are extremely fast, precise and efficient. Why? Because power tools help get the work done. Our high quality, brand-name products for professional use will be by your side for every task.

What types of power tools are basic items of workshop equipment?

Regardless of the industry: for precise drilling, nothing beats drills and impact drills. If the workpiece is particularly tough, you can put your faith on the power that impact hammers and hammer drills provide.

Saws and grinders are used for cutting and removing material, with a power output to suit the respective material. You will find professional models for different qualities of wood and metal in our shop.

Angle grinders are specialist tools for the welding and metal processing industry. They are also the tool of choice for making fast progress when doing masonry work.

What should you look for when buying power tools?

Experienced tradesmen know: power is not equal to performance. Brand-name manufacturers differentiate their product range by offering do-it-yourself and professional lines. Professional power tools always offer a higher motor power, which is specifically designed for hours of daily use.

This is why most power tools also have a conventional mains connection instead of a rechargeable battery: batteries are not (yet) able to provide the power necessary for many jobs.

The more frequently and the longer you handle a power tool, the more important it is to use low vibration models and a design that allows a uniform transmission of force without requiring muscle power. Hygienic features such as microfilters or suction devices, and soft start functions to increase safety, are just as important in professional use.

What accessories do you need for power tools?

A clear-cut case: a drill is nothing without the right drill bits, an angle grinder for metalworking is nothing without the right cutting and grinding discs. Our hand tool category features everything you could ever need to make a start. The same applies when selecting a tool as to accessories: product, material and task should be perfectly coordinated with each other.

We would be more than happy to help you by providing our expertise when you are selecting your power tools. Call us free of charge or send us a message.