Edge protection, surface protection

There's no package and no pallet that doesn't have edges. And when the goods you are shipping are to arrive at the recipient safely and undamaged, then there's a little trick to packaging that fits perfectly: edge protection – in many different shapes, sizes and materials.

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Edge and surface protection: cutting corners? No problem!

Even sturdy goods for shipment still have an Achilles' heel. And this is usually found on the corners and edges. Spare yourself complicated packaging processes and use edge and surface protection products for bulky and sensitive goods instead. The transport vehicles will also benefit when you no longer have to worry about cutting corners on shipments.

Cost calculations and benefits: which goods for shipment need surface and edge protection?

Whether it's a large desk made of high quality materials or a pallet loaded with autoclaved aerated concrete: surface and edge protection is always an important item where you need to ship heavy, bulky goods from A to B which could get chipped, or be torn out.

The protective products keep the neuralgic points on the product safe, while simultaneously reducing the amount of packaging materials needed. For example, to protect the corners of a desk that are susceptible to damage, you'd need a huge cardboard box that offers enough space to place thick padding around the entire piece of furniture if you didn't have edge and corner protection. What a waste of space and materials, and what a headache for your logistics.

At the same time, products that provide surface and edge protection also help to ensure that, for example, the transport vehicle is not damaged due to rubbing or chipping when it is loaded with any number of pallets stacked with the appropriately secured bulky goods.

What do products for edge and surface protection actually do during transport?

Edge protectors made of different materials are important for load securing, because they allow tension straps to be pulled as tight as possible, and provide a better grip on many materials – and this without any risk of damage. This is also true when you need to move the load using a hoist.

Edge, corner, bracket: when do I use which product?

The packaging and the goods must, of course, always be suitable for each other. This applies to both the material and the bundle, the weight, the dimensions and the other packaging components to ensure optimal transport.

Cardboard corners and strips are useful for furniture transport or as an additional ''protective layer'' placed underneath strapping, while a surface protection net ensures the integrity of solid metal surfaces. A bracket made of plastic, which is available in many different models, is the ideal choice for heavy wooden slats on pallets.

We also stock hard postal tubes for sending out drafts, print-outs or other documents, and our telescopic postal tubes represent a particularly clever option for keeping products well protected.

For even more tips on how to make your shipping logistics more efficient, check out our purchasing guide to packaging materials!

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