Work trousers

Clothes make the man – and work trousers make the professional. If you cover your legs with the right work clothing, you’ll protect them from potential dangers. You can, of course, purchase work trousers, flame retardant trousers, knee pads and more from renowned manufacturers, for men and women – right here.

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Work trousers: flame retardant trousers, heat resistant clothing or knee pads from the best brands

Apart from the fact that wearing jeans makes many work activities uncomfortable: casual wear doesn’t provide anywhere near the same protective effect of good work trousers. There’s a good reason why women’s work trousers, men’s work trousers and knee pads are indispensable items of professional work equipment.

What do work trousers provide protection from?

As a key item to ensure occupational health and safety, worker’s trousers are designed to protect the body from hazards that typically arise during certain tasks. In the forestry industry, work trousers with cut protection are mandatory, and steelworkers don’t even have to bother turning up for their shift if they don’t have heat resistant trousers. Those who work outdoors or in poor lighting conditions need a bright, high vis combination of work trousers and matching work jacket or work shirt.

What’s more, work trousers and work shorts for men or women provide a convenience factor, as they hold work utensils such as tools or writing implements and provide protection from cold, damp and weather.

When are work trousers mandatory?

The most important distinguishing feature of any work clothing is the word ''protection'': when work trousers for women or men are supposed to provide protection from cuts, burns or other injuries, employers must provide them and employees must wear them for every activity.

Of course, the material and protective effect must be suitable for the workplace: white fabric work trousers for handling red hot steel? Of course not. High vis shorts for roadworks in the middle of winter? Nonsense as well.

Employers can also make certain wearing work trousers compulsory as part of a (representative) uniform. In this case, the work clothing is either tax deductible, or provided by the company as well.

Which size should my work trousers be?

Far too loose or far too tight? Work trousers need to fit properly. Be sure to find out the correct clothing size before purchasing your protective clothing:

  1. Measure your waist and hip measurement.

  2. Measure the inseam length or inside leg from the crotch to the ankle. Ideally, the work trousers should just touch the work shoes.

If in doubt, go for trousers that are one size larger to guarantee optimal freedom of movement. Some models offered by good work trouser brands such as Leipold+Döhle can be lengthened at the legs if required.

Which work trousers are good or suitable for your own personal workplace? Feel free to ask us for advice. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.