Shelving units for boxes, bin shelving units

Your open fronted storage bins or shelf bins are longing for a new home. Ideal would be a home in one of our shelving units for bins! More than understandable, since our container shelf units are high quality, functional, variable and simply practical. Have a heart a give your shelf bins a new place to call home.

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Shelving units for boxes, bin shelving units: don't hesitate to be pedantic!

The most important production materials in the workshop are often barely larger than a screw or a washer. Imagine if you had to search for these tiny little work materials regularly: this would make a well-organised work process unthinkable. This is why our shelving units for boxes and bin shelving units are ideal for the most important small items in the workshop.

Which boxes can be stored in the shelving units?

We offer a large range of different models for storing small parts in boxes. Particularly popular are our permanently installed, mobile or wall-mounted shelving units, as well as our rails for storing items in open fronted storage bins. These offer not only a clearly structured way to sort small and very small parts. The products are also easy to remove or fill due to the practical recessed bin handles.

Furthermore, you will find roll cages and roll containers for equipping workshop, industrial can make your office workplaces more flexible. For larger bulk materials such as pipe sections or hose connections, our wire mesh basket boltless shelving units are an ideal solution. And for a well-organised, permanently installed solution on the wall of the workshop, we recommend our bin shelving units with crate racks with rows of compartments.

What do I need to consider when selecting and ordering shelving units with boxes?

The majority of the products that we offer in this range already include the right boxes to allow immediate use. To be really organised, however, you always need the matching labels for identification of the contents, and which are best ordered at the same time.

Whether you choose mobile racks or permanently installed solutions mainly depends on the place of use and the need for small parts. Mobile models are the ideal supplement for workplaces in the workshop and production, while models that are fixed in place are used in buffer or workshop storerooms. Wall rails are perfect when you install them above workbenches and work tables.

The following rule applies for the number of boxes: as many as necessary, as few as possible. This is especially true for mobile racks for daily use at the workplace. If you organise exactly the right number of small parts for the respective requirements, you will save yourself spending long periods of time searching for the right parts and will optimise work processes.

If you need more boxes, new shelving units or transport equipment and trolleys, you can order everything from us conveniently at any time.

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