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Packages, piles of files, heavy goods and machinery – who is responsible for transporting objects like these where you work? A platform truck from kaiserkraft – at least we hope so. And if not: it's high time you got one. You'll then have a flexible, stable transport aid at hand. And for particularly heavy going, there's also the platform trucks with a electronic module.

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Platform Trucks – agile and versatile

Do you want your new trolley to be slim and agile? Or would you prefer a powerhouse? Both types of trolley are available from us, regardless of whether you wish to transport files or tanks and drums. We inform you about what other differences there are right here.

Where you can use platform trucks?

As an unassuming combination of platform, castors and push handle, platform trolleys can be used in many different ways in the warehouse, in production buildings or in administration. They are also popular because of their manoeuvrability. Thanks to ball bearing mounted swivelling rollers, platform trolleys from kaiserkraft are easy to manoeuvre through narrow aisles and turn around on the spot.

Light or heavy, folding, with walls – tips when making your selection

Are you looking for a platform truck on which you can transport paper in the office? In this case, we recommend small and light models made of aluminium. Folding push handles and wheels minimise the space required for storage. Simply fold it up and store it behind the door!

Will your new trolley be used in the warehouse for the transport of heavy stacking containers or components? Our heavy duty platform trucks can be loaded with more than one tonne of weight. Ideal for order picking are shopping trolleys with two shelves, one at the top for light items and one at the bottom for the slightly heavier ones. Of course, you could also use them for shopping. But then you're better off using the trolleys provided on site.

To ensure that lightweight objects do not fall off the trolley, we can also provide you with platform trolleys with side panels – two, three or even four, depending on your needs. This ensures that the goods for transport remain on the trolley and are protected. Not in the mood for hauling a platform trolley around? A platform truck with an electric module is convenient to control by means of a remote control, and requires no effort at all.

Solid rubber or air? Differences between castors

A trolley like this is on its feet all day, or rather castors. The right castors or wheels play a decisive role. Real all-rounders, which provide smooth travel even when the floor is in a poor condition, are solid rubber tyres. Pneumatic tyres, on the other hand, have an edge when it comes to damping. This provides additional protection for sensitive goods. Also available: castors made of particularly hardwearing polyurethane and nylon.

A useful extra feature is a double stop. It stops the trolley from rolling away to any side.

Do you have any special requests?

Then don't hesitate to inform us about them. We at kaiserkraft specialise in individual solutions for maximum efficiency. This applies not only to transport equipment and trolleys, but also to many other products for your business equipment.

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