Air purifiers

Smog in the office? That's something no-one needs: don't give dry and used air a chance! You can counteract health hazards and even eliminate smells by using an air purifier.

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    Take a deep breath with air purifiers from kaiserkraft

    Farmers, fishermen and gardeners have one thing in common: they spend a lot of time working in the fresh air. Most of us spend 90 percent of our lives in enclosed rooms, where the air isn't as fresh – unless you're using an air purifier from kaiserkraft. This ensures that your employees can take a deep breath without putting their health at risk and finding their concentration waning.

    What are the advantages of air purifiers?

    There's often something in the air in rooms in which several people are working. Whether exhaust fumes and pollen floating in from outside or viruses, bacteria and chemical fumes circulating in the air, we often spend half the day inhaling a potent mix of vapours. Over the short term, poor quality air makes us tired, listless and unmotivated. Those with allergies will also find themselves sneezing and rubbing their red eyes.

    Air purifiers allow your employees to enjoy fresh air even while indoors. This means:

    • Better performance

    • Fewer allergy-related problems

    • Lower risk of health complications

    • Cleaner surfaces due to fewer airborne particles

    Why are air purifiers better than opening a window?

    Anyone who wants to exchange stale air for fresh air usually opens the window. This has drawbacks: even though new air can enter, it brings new exhaust fumes, pollen and other pollutants in from outside as well.

    Air purifiers not only exchange air but also purify it using a range of filters. A prefilter is usually used for coarse particles of dirt, a HEPA filter for small particles, and an active charcoal filter for nasty odours. The devices feature a fan to draw in air. Air purifiers operate with a water filter. The advantage: the devices are also air humidifiers that prevent the air in the room from drying out when the heating is on. That said, air purifiers are more efficient at filtering small particles, and are better suited for those who suffer from allergies.

    What's the best way to find the right device?

    You can purchase IDEAL air purifiers from kaiserkraft with different filter systems, making them ideal for small offices and for rooms larger than 50 m². Just how quickly a device purifies the air in a room is indicated by the CADR value (Clean Air Delivery Rate). Easy cleaning and maintenance make them even more convenient.

    What you should pay attention to, however, is the volume. The lower the volume is, the more pleasant it is to work with a unit in operation.

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