System railings

System railings are always the right choice when something needs to be permanently blocked off. Regardless of whether you want to cordon off a footpath from a roadway, or divide the warehouse into separate areas – system railings are versatile.

Play it safe with system railings

This appeal for common sense and caution applies wherever people work, move or spend time: Safety first! In order to prevent any claims, hazardous areas in industry and retail must also be secured by special means. In the accident prevention regulation ''Principles of Prevention'' (DGUV regulation 1), the employers' liability insurance associations and accident insurance funds clearly state: ''The employer must ensure that unauthorised persons do not enter parts of the company if this results in a risk to safety and health.'' And kaiserkraft offers you system railings for exactly this purpose – ones that protect your customers, guests or employees from injuries due to accidents. Hand on the businessman's heart: What could be better than healthy employees and a low number of insurance claims?

Where barriers are no longer sufficient, system railings move to the forefront

The use of permanently installed railings is necessary where barriers and markings are no longer sufficient to secure danger zones. Our recommendation: System railings made of hot-dip galvanized steel offer the best possible protection for your outdoor area. We provide modular components for self-assembly, which is straightforward and fast. You can choose between posts for bolting in place or for concreting in, and the matching cross members are available in two thicknesses, with diameters of 48 or 60 millimetres. Well thought-out: Plastic connecting elements prevent the railing from accumulating a static charge. And a safety paint scheme in red, white or black and yellow ensures good visibility.

Sometimes even cars have to stay out. In this case, you can also purchase bollards and barrier posts in our online shop – which can be combined with our system railings.

We also stock stylish system railings

You like the finer things in life? Our stainless steel railing systems are suitable for more discerning premises. In addition to the practical modular properties of the hot-dip galvanized version, you benefit from the hardwearing beauty of this prestigious material. Or is there something else you'd like? Then simply call us or write to us. We look forward to being able to advise you.

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