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Breathing masks

Making compromises? When it comes to head protection, breathing protection, eye protection or hearing protection, that's not a good idea. Find the perfect product in our product range.

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Open your eyes and keep you ears tuned! Our products for breathing protection, eye protection, head protection and hearing protection

An ability to make compromises is, by principle, a good thing. But not when it comes to workplace safety. And, in particular, when it comes to head protection, breathing protection, eye protection and hearing protection. After all, it's all about your head and your sensory organs. And in this case, you should value absolute top quality. We certainly do: you'll only find selected top products in our product range, ones which you can place your full trust in. Professional protection that can also be used even under the most challenging conditions. Because it doesn't matter whether your grinding, painting, welding or varnishing, there are all sorts of mechanical, thermal or chemical dangers to your head, nose, eyes and ears lurking throughout your working day. All you need to do now is to find the most suitable product. Let's go!

This is how to find the right breathing protection, eye protection and hearing protection

When it comes to protecting your eyes, you really should keep your eyes open, because the extensive product range in this category makes it particularly difficult to find the right protective equipment. Full view goggles, overspecs, safety glasses? Which type of lens, which arm length, which coating? If in doubt, ask our experts for advice before you end up ordering the wrong product. This is also true of the hearing protection area. In this case, pay close attention to how comfortable it is to wear and carefully consider how loud the noise level is at your workplace. A basic rule: earplugs are, above all, suitable for constant exposure to noise, while earmuffs are better when you need to change back and forth. This will keep you calm even when things are flying around your ears. When it comes to breathing protection, you should always follow your nose: make sure you ensure it is compatible with your other protective equipment, and also make sure it fits well – after all, no-one can work and maintain concentration when annoying and uncomfortable protective material is getting in his face.

And should the breathing protection, eye protection, head protection and hearing protection in our product range still not suffice, then we also have the matching work clothing, including work gloves and safety shoes among all the products as well.

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