Industrial cleaning fluids

Heavy dirt, sensitive surfaces or special hygiene requirements? We offer you professional cleaning products from all-purpose cleaner to special cleaning solutions for a wide variety of areas. To ensure you can make clean work of it!

In the category Industrial cleaning fluids we offer you products of the following brands: Bio-Circle, IBS Scherer, Kärcher, Rubbermaid, Ampere, CWS, NOTRAX, Unger.

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Industrial cleaning fluids – no chance for dust and dirt

The fight against dirt and dust is an integral part of working life. You should only pull into these well equipped. With industrial cleaning fluids from kaiserkraft you keep your opponents successfully in check.

Professional cleaning fluids – efficient and economical

Whether on a survival trip in the jungle or cleaning production halls and workshops, the equipment makes all the difference. While we leave the sale of mosquito nets to others, you will find everything you need for sparkling cleanliness under difficult conditions – first of all, a large selection of professional cleaning products.

What distinguishes them from their relatives in the supermarket is their high efficiency. This makes them a miracle weapon against stubborn contamination and germs. We also offer industrial cleaning fluids from brands such as Kärcher in large containers for large surfaces, as liquid or powder, concentrate, oil or gel-based in our shop. We recommend practical sprays for the care and cleaning of small parts.

All-purpose cleaners, carpet cleaners and much more

One is rarely enough for everything. That's why you get all-purpose cleaners, as well as ultrasonic cleaners, grease and protein solvents or carpet cleaners from kaiserkraft. Active cleaners are ideal for sanitary areas, safety cleaners for hard-to-reach machine and metal parts and graffiti cleaners for unwanted wall paintings. With gentle cleaning fluids, you can treat sensitive surfaces without hesitation, carpet waterproofing seals your carpets and protects them from dirt. If you store your arsenal of industrial cleaning fluids in a cleaning cupboard, everything you need is always at hand.

Did you forget anything else? Maybe a small parts cleaner or a high-pressure cleaner? Or cleaning trolleys so that your cleaning team can get from one location to another quickly and without back pain? Just take a look at our large selection of products for cleaning and sanitary needs. Our industrial cleaning guide provides better orientation. Or you can ask us personally.

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