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Do you know when and where the wheelbarrow was invented? In Ancient Greece. The European wheelbarrow was officially mentioned for the first time in a sales contract signed by the King of England in 1222. These days, there are many different types and models of wheelbarrows – our shop has some of the best all-round transporters of all.
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77 items found
Wheelbarrows as essential helpers
Wheelbarrows were one of the most important tools for building great monuments hundreds of years ago. And even if Rome wasn't built in a day, without these items of transport equipment, it would have taken much longer. Wheelbarrows were used in ancient Greece, in the Chinese empire and in mediaeval Europe to transport heavy loads more easily. The construction wheelbarrow is almost indispensable for building houses and landscaping gardens. Whether bricklayers, painters or gardeners, each of them is happy to have a wheelbarrow, two-wheel hand truck or mason's truck to use. A wheelbarrow can often be tipped or be made so that a specific job can be done using it: splice covers are, for example, specially designed for filling strip foundations and a brick truck helps with transporting heavy bricks. If the wheelbarrow needs to be tipped, then you will find the matching heavy duty wheelbarrow in our online product range, which is easy to tip without using force due to an intelligent mechanism.

Wheelbarrows and two-wheel hand trucks with many functions
Whether a wheelbarrow, two-wheel hand truck or transport truck – our online product range not only has the right truck, but also the matching function for you: large, flat loading platforms or a tilting skip, single wheeled or four wheeled, two handles for pushing, or turntable steering for pulling. Even the side walls are available in different designs and ergonomic advantages have been included as well. If you do, however, need a custom made model in the right tipping height or with higher side walls, then contact our sales department, because we are happy to help. Alternatives can also be found in the trailers and transport trucks categories.


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