Do you know when and where the wheelbarrow was invented? In Ancient Greece. The European wheelbarrow was officially mentioned for the first time in a sales contract signed by the King of England in 1222. These days, there are many different types and models of wheelbarrows – our shop has some of the best all-round transporters of all.

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Heavy duty Wheelbarrows for garden, workshop and construction site

Wheelbarrows often accompany us throughout our lives. First we use them for sandcastles, later in the garden, on construction sites or in the factory. The principle remains the same, but the expectations have increased. At kaiserkraft, you can purchase wheelbarrows for almost any potential use. Except maybe for the sandcastles – let's leave that to others.

Wheelbarrows in different designs

At first glance, each wheelbarrow looks pretty much the same. But it is worth taking a closer look – after all, it is often small things that distinguish one model from another, such as the following features:

  • Tray made of light plastic or particularly robust metal

  • Ergonomic handles for pushing and tilting without back strain

  • Pneumatic tyres for ease of travel on any surface, or puncture-proof solid rubber tyres

  • Tilting mechanism to prevent back injuries

At kaiserkraft, you will also find container trucks and container carts for supply animals with feed in the agricultural sector. With reinforced corners and a powder coating that is perfectly safe for use with foodstuffs. Not to mention the wheel barrow. Equipped with a large tray, their containers can be tipped separately without lifting the whole barrow.

For all those who prefer to pull rather than push, a two-wheel hand truck is the ideal solution. Trailers attached to industrial trucks allow your employees to transport heavy loads as well, and we even stock platform trucks in a folding version.

When is which wheelbarrow used?

The area of use determines the answer to this question. Classic wheelbarrows or barrows are often real all-rounders, good for gardening, but depending on the material, also ideal for use in industry. Container trucks are suitable for agricultural facilities, and wheel barrows allow heavy materials to be transported without any risk of back injuries. When it comes to mason's trucks and brick trucks, or tool transport trolleys, their name reveals their intended purpose.

Are you unsure which wheelbarrow is the right one? Ask us, and don't forget to take a look at our other items of transport equipment and trolleys either.

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