Business Luggage

Do you know another term for mobile office? Business luggage. Ideal for everyone who needs to make a lot of trips and travel widely for business. The practical cases and bags can easily carry everything you need, along with all the extras: files, folders, laptops and documents can be conveniently transported on castors. A perfect business companion.

Business luggage: let your professionalism do the talking on business trips!

Documents, office materials, your laptop, a change of clothes... a successful business trip requires quite a bit of luggage. And those travelling on business can't simply stuff it all into any old suitcase, but are better served with stylish business trolleys from the range of products available from kaiserkraft. Why? Because they'll create an impression of perfect professionalism. And make doing business a little easier.

Which requirements do business briefcases have to meet?

High quality luggage for business travellers should offer as much room as possible without taking up too much space. And not just in terms of luggage capacity, but first and foremost in terms of organisation and tidiness. From office supplies to a toothbrush for an overnight stay, every important utensil is given a place of its own, and can be located as soon as you reach for it – without having to search through your suitcase each and every time.

Furthermore, pilot's cases take their business function seriously in terms of appearance, material and carefully considered details:

  • High-quality materials with a respectable design underscore the professionalism of the (first) impression you make.

  • Robust production and comfortable handling (the key word being castors) make business trolleys ideal for frequent use and many miles of travel.

  • The dimensions frequently satisfy the specifications issued by airline companies for hand luggage. No more time lost checking in!

Which business bag best suits my trip?

To a certain extent, the model you decide to purchase from kaiserkraft is a matter of taste. Each of the different versions does, however, feature a few special qualities for specific types of business trip:

Hard shell cases are optimal for field service employees, because they can best withstand the frequency with which the trolley is lifted in and out of the luggage compartment, for example, while still protecting sensitive content such as samples.

Soft shell models are real all-rounders that are particularly worthwhile for overnight trips. You can pack all the utensils you need for the day and the night in separate compartments. This ensures no-one is forced to see your socks when you're showing your business partner the latest portfolios.

The classic pilot's case provides plenty of space for documents and technical devices. It is particularly suitable for mediators, speakers, etc. who wish to prepare a compact session and, for example, would also prefer to take the most important contents of a presentation case with them at the same time.

Speaking of which: if you need a little help when it comes to presentations, you'll also find we have Tips for a successful presentation. If you have any questions about our range of business trolleys, we'll be happy to help you at any time in person.

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