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Where gas, candles and petroleum used to shed light into dark corners, lamps and lights with the most sophisticated designs can now be found. As LED lights, magnifying lamps, hand held lamps or emergency lights, with warm white, neutral or cold white light: the options are wide-ranging – just like the wide range of lamps and lights to be found here in the shop!

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Office lighting and lamps – brighter, more inviting, more productive!

The significance of light for people is mentioned in the Bible. The significance of light for your company is described here. After all, floor and desk lamps from the product range offered by kaiserkraft ensure optimal productivity, representativeness and the ability of every employee to deliver perfect work. We'll explain what you should keep in mind when making your choice.

The ideal light colour and brightness: which difference matter when it comes to lighting?

If you are looking for the optimal lighting system for different areas of the company, you'll find that there are three factors that are most important:

  1. The light colour (light temperature), specified in Kelvin. The higher the colour temperature in Kelvin, the whiter the light.

  2. The light intensity, or the intensity with which the light shines on a surface, specified in lux.

  3. The brightness – this used to be specified in watts (W), but is now specified in lumens (lm).

The right light colour of lights and lamps has an impact on several of the most important workplace aspects all at once. They create a work environment that promotes concentration, allow fatigue-free work and ensure that the contrast and colour rendition of workpieces is second-to-none.

While brightness is a matter of individual preference, in this case, there's also a guiding principle: the more concentration and precision the work requires, the higher it should be.

When it comes to our office product area, we recommend a light colour within the daylight spectrum (more than 5300 K) or with a neutral ambience (approx. 4000 to 5300 K) for lighting desks – with a brightness of at least 500 lux.

This combination promotes concentration, without illuminating the workplace so that it looks sterile. This optimal light should be chosen in a way that ensures it is able to compensate the effects of sources of cold light, such as monitors, on the eyes.

Your employees will require lights and lamps that are guaranteed to promote concentration at workbenches or at cleanroom tables while at the same time offering uncompromising precision when it comes to contrast and colour rendition.

You can achieve this by, first of all, using bulbs that make a brightness of up to 1,500 lux possible and secondly with a light colour that corresponds to the workplace. In the medical sector, (organic) shades of red are best rendered with neutral white. Daylight lamps are generally used when the contrast between the individual parts of the workpiece need to be properly accentuated. This is, for example, important to be able to identify the different parts of what are inherently regular surfaces of a workpiece better.

When it comes to lights and lamps with a representative function, it isn't visibility and concentration that are of primary importance, but rather an inviting and cosy atmosphere. You can achieve this with bulbs that operate at the other end of the brightness and colour scale. Warm white shades (2700 to 3300 K) and (adjustable) brightnesses of less than 500 lux ensure that visitors and customers feel welcome in your company.

Which lamp for which area?

For each of the functions named, you'll find that kaiserkraft has the right lighting solutions that enhance their basic suitability with important additional aspects:

  • You'll find adjustable workstation lighting with magnifiers that not only illuminate the workpiece but also enlarge it, for workshops and industrial use.

  • Lamps with a dazzle-free shade are suitable for illuminating a desk, especially when they swivel, are height adjustable and can be moved to suit requirements.

  • Widely dispersed light which optimally illuminates corridors and is used as basic lighting for warehouses and similar spaces is best implemented using ceiling lights with a large lampshade with a satin finish. 100% of the light radiates downwards.

  • Elegant lighting effects are produced using floor lamps with a modern design, and which feature adjustable brightness levels and can illuminate both the ceiling and floors as required. This creates sculptural effects with a decorative function.

We are happy to help you find the optimal lights and lamps for a specific company area or type of work. Simply contact us.

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