Strip curtains

Strip curtains are ideally suited for use as machine protection or hall partitions. Strip curtains made of PVC also make for a cost-conscious end wall for large hall openings. They close tightly and only open to the width required by the vehicle or load moving through. That's what we call practical!

Strip curtains are made to measure for specific orders. Please contact us to ensure your order is exact and correct.

Strip curtains: flexible guarantors for the right working environment

Dust, dirt, noise, temperature differences: There are many factors that you would like to keep within a clearly defined area within the company. Just as well that strip curtains solve this problem in a particularly flexible way and also reduce costs and the time needed for logistics.

What are strip curtains needed for?

In many cases, strip curtains are the better alternative to doors and gates. The overlapping plastic slats form an impermeable surface that keeps away noise, cold, heat and dirt. However, if you need to move the forklift truck from A to B, you can easily drive through the PVC curtains without having to worry about opening and closing.

This makes lamella curtains a factor for increasing productivity and reducing costs at the same time. This is because draughts and the like are also reliably kept out, which minimises energy costs.

Since strip curtains are easy to attach and just as easy to repurpose, you can also use them to demarcate (temporary) work areas for which partition wall systems and prefab offices or special room systems would otherwise be required.

The choice: strip curtain for sliding or fixed installation?

We supply permanently installed strip curtains in which the slats are always in place as standard. This means that the barrier offers a particularly high level of protection and insulation, even if you drive through it with a large, bulky device.

On request, we can supply you with strip curtains for sliding with a made to measure rail length. These flexible barriers are perfect for areas that you not only drive through with the usual means of transport for warehouse logistics but also with large trucks and the like. In addition, these variants are optimally suited for flexible room barriers.

For which areas must a strip curtain be antistatic?

Antistatic discharges pose a risk in clean rooms, and for precision machines or precision products in particular. That's why antistatic strip curtains are the better alternative wherever you have to work with things like that.

We will be happy to advise you personally on which strip curtains are suitable for cold rooms, car washes or other specific work areas. Just get in touch with us.

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