Door stops

An open ear for your employees or colleagues – this promotes communication and team spirit. Show your willingness by leaving your door open – with wall mounted door stoppers or floor mounted door stoppers. To ensure the doors do not slam shut, we recommend wall mounted door stoppers!

In the category Door stops we offer you products of the following brands: Wagner.

Door slam stoppers – so your doors reliably remain open

If the colleagues constantly barge right into your own office, it is better just to leave it open. In this way, employees can signal they have an open ear for their colleagues. Furthermore, they also exchange constant door slamming for more fresh air this way.

However, this openness is often defeated due to heavy doors and sudden blasts of air. Then it's time for a doorstop from kaiserkraft at the latest.

Door stoppers for flexible use or fixed mounting

We offer three different versions of stoppers: floor mounted stops, door wedges and wall mounted door stops.

You simply place our flexible door stoppers in the best position. They keep the doors open using their weight alone – without leaving any ugly marks on the new parquetry floor. Ideal for rented offices and doors that should only sometimes remain open.

You will find door stoppers with a practical wedge for permanent use in your own company building. These can be used on all smooth floors and can optionally be screwed or glued in place. The innovative 3-STOP version has three wedge shapes with different gradients for each door gap.

Whichever option you choose, you don't have to worry that your openness will adversely affect the appearance of your offices. Brushed stainless steel door stoppers fit into any interior.

Other products for your office equipment

A door stopper makes a good start. To ensure that the rest is right, you will find a large selection of other products for your office equipment at kaiserkraft – from floor protection mats to foot rests and kick stools. This makes every office the perfect place to work.

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