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Without brochure display stands, advertising stands and brochure holders, our world would be a poorer place indeed. After all, where would all your flyers, information brochures and other advertising materials for customers, visitors and prospective customers go? Just as well that we have a large range of different advertising stands and brochure holders on offer.

In the category Brochure racks, advertising stands we offer you products of the following brands: helit, DURABLE, eurokraft pro, magnetoplan, MAUL.

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    Brochure display stands and advertising stands: showing your printed products at their best

    Printed literature might be up against it, but printed media is still just as effective, at least where advertising and image promotion are concerned. This is the case particularly if you want to employ the latest design trends when creating your brochures, leaflets or catalogues. But people will only read and take away these perfectly designed printed products if you present them perfectly as well. That's where our brochure display stands and advertising stands come in.

    What brochure display stands and advertising stands do I use and where?

    We have a vast selection of models that you can dovetail to your advertising campaign and company.

    Expansive literature display stands and brochure racks are available for a whole host of advertising materials – but they require a lot of room to have an attractive effect.

    There is no such problem with wall displays made of transparent or opaque polystyrene. You should, however, always make sure that the format and orientation (portrait or landscape) of the advertising material fits the holder. Otherwise it will look haphazard and untidy. Because this variation has somewhat less show effect, the materials displayed should have a more conspicuous design if you wish people to take them away.

    Table stands are the ideal addition to counters at reception or at trade fairs and congresses. In waiting areas you can also display, for example, A4 catalogues in an attractive manner.

    By the way, all these products are not just there to supply visitors or trade fair customers with important image material. You can also use these products for in-house presentations and moderations to produce staff newspapers in an attractive way, for example.

    What do I need to pay attention to when setting up brochure display stands and advertising stands?

    You achieve the maximum effect when the brochure holder has no visual competition from other information sources. These include information boards or display cases. The exception: if the contents of the display case refer directly to the brochures in the stand, there's a better chance of your brochure being taken by people looking at the case!

    Any more questions? If so, please talk to us – We're happy to advise you in person.

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