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Weather too warm for typical, long-sleeved work clothing? Then we have something for you here. Our high-vis safety T-shirts offer you the right amount of comfort and safety even at the highest temperatures due to their visibility. After all, both the signal colours yellow and orange and the reflective stripes ensure that you are spotted immediately by everyone. Find out everything you need to know about work shirts and work clothing for every season right now!

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    Short-sleeved work shirts: safe and comfortable

    Of course, safety always comes first. But why should you suffer the discomfort of wearing work clothing that is too thick on hot days? Instead, opt for airy work shirts in accordance with the regulations for high-visibility protection with the added bonus of impressive wear comfort.

    Which types of work shirts are available?

    In our product range featuring breezier work clothing, we concentrate on high-vis T-shirts in orange and yellow.

    • Orange worker shirts with reflective stripes comply with EN ISO 20471, class 2 and may be worn on roads on which drivers drive at speeds of up to 60 km/h. Important limitation: this applies to sufficient visibility and a comparatively low volume of traffic.

    • Work shirts in warning yellow increase safety on construction sites, at airports and in logistics. They can also be worn by cyclists instead of warning high-vis vests to improve their identifiability in road traffic.

    Generally speaking, wherever being noticed is important for your own safety, work shirts are the right choice in summer, even if there are no regulations that make them compulsory. Don’t forget to wear matching work trousers and, if necessary, a work jacket in bad weather.

    What makes a work shirt a good work shirt?

    Besides visibility, there’s a whole lot of other aspects that good work shirts feature and which are also important when it comes to both work clothing and working in the summer heat:

    • A cut that flatters the body with a comfortable fit

    • Integrated UV protection for the torso (according to model)

    • Actively breathing material for good moisture transport

    • Flexible, reflective strips that follow your every move

    • Fibres that dry quickly

    To maintain these capabilities for the long term, only clean work shirts at low temperatures, without fabric softener and without using a dryer. Because they dry so quickly, they are ready for use again in no time at all. As soon as the reflectors become cloudy, start peeling off or losing their luminosity, the shirt should be replaced.

    How many work shirts are needed per employee?

    If, as a company, you are responsible for purchasing work clothing for your employees, the question of how many items each person requires often comes up. Compared to work jackets, high-vis vests or work jumpers as an outer layer, work shirts fit the skin closely and are usually worn in warm weather and for intensive physical work.

    This is why one worker shirt per work day is the ideal number to provide – with additional spares as well, where possible. Even though a worn shirt is quick to wash, you should not assume that your employees will be doing a load of washing every single day. Unless, that is, you also do this for your entire staff.

    We don’t ask lots of questions, because we prefer to answer them. If you have any questions about work clothing and occupational health and safety, please contact us at any time.