Angle grinders, metalworking

When metal is able to be cut and sanded as easily as soft wood, a high quality angle grinder was definitely being used. The favourite tool of many craftsmen and industry professionals makes no compromises. And never compromises on precise results.

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Angle grinders and metalworking: resistance is useless

Grind with power or make a clean cut? That's what angle grinders are for! The angle grinder is one of the most frequently used power tools in the wood and metalworking industries. No wonder, after all, as this powerful power tool makes any resistance useless.

What types of angle grinders are there?

Angle grinders can, as a rule of thumb, be divided into one-handed and two-handed models, although this categorisation is no longer relevant for today's power tools. Professional brand-name tools come with an additional handle that can be changed quickly. As one-handed grinders, they do a great job when cutting, as two-handed grinders they are, for example, ideal for smoothing down weld seams.

Apart from how many hands are needed to guide them, the motor power is also a decisive distinguishing factor. Our brand-name products offer individual power classes, which are grouped in ascending order by increasing material hardness.

We also stock straight grinders for working with metal, as they allow you to mill, grind and trim metal quickly and precisely. These devices are characterised by their particularly compact design and very manageable tool guidance.

What should you keep in mind when purchasing angle grinders?

When you order power tools from us, you are ordering brand-name quality for professional applications. The professional product range makes an impression with its durability, having been designed for the daily grind in industry and trades. Even the most powerful version for do-it-yourself work would, in contrast, soon give up the ghost.

In addition, your angle grinders should also feature, for example, suction devices for use with industrial vacuum cleaners. This not only keeps the workplace clean and free from airborne particles, but also ensures a clear view of the work in progress.

A high quality angle grinder is also characterised by low vibration levels, electrical safety devices, and features such as direct motor cooling. The grinding and cutting discs required can be changed quickly and easily.

Which safety devices are essential for angle grinders?

Rotating metal disc hits hard wood or metal at high speed: flying sparks and clouds of wood dust are an everyday encounter when working with an angle grinder. This is why safety goggles, flame retardant protective work clothing and other measures for occupational safety are mandatory.

In addition, clear and detailed instructions are important for employees. This is not only about safe use of the tool, but also about obtaining perfect grinding and cutting results that require no rework. Everything else is taken care of by our high quality professional products – we will be happy to advise you about them.