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For grinding metal, tiles and bricks: angle grinders are essential tools for industry. From models with an additional handle to metal grinders and straight grinders – browse the product range at kaiserkraft and find the right angle grinders for your workshop.

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Angle grinders: for cutting and grinding work

Angle grinders are essential tools on construction sites and in industry. They make cutting metal, tiles and masonry much easier, and these power tools also allow you to grind metal and stone. Angle grinders are suitable for versatile use.

Types of angle grinders

A rough distinction is made between models for use with one hand, and ones for use with two hands. However, today’s angle grinders often come with an additional handle. This means that single-handed models are quick to convert into models for use with two hands. This is particularly practical if you intend to do work that involves both cutting and grinding. Single-handed angle grinders are suitable for cutting metal, concrete, etc. When you attach the additional handle, you can hold this tool with two hands and use it as a metal grinder and, for example, smooth out weld seams.

Apart from the way they are guided, angle grinders come with different motor powers. Our product range includes models from different power classes. The higher the class, the harder the materials you can use them to work with. We also have straight grinders for metalworking. They allow you to mill, grind and deburr metal quickly and precisely. These devices are characterised by their compact design and straightforward tool guidance.

What should you keep in mind when purchasing angle grinders?

A high quality angle grinder for industry and similar areas of use is characterised by low levels of vibration, electrical safety features, and details such as direct motor cooling. As a result, professional models are hardwearing and designed for daily use in industry and trade. Any sanding and cutting discs required are fast and convenient to change. Many angle grinders are also compatible with dust extraction systems. This keeps the workplace clean and the air free of airborne particles.

Which safety devices are essential for angle grinders?

Work with metal grinders generates flying sparks and dust. This is why safety goggles and flame-retardant protective work clothing are essential to keep your employees safe.

Would you like help when deciding which angle grinders to purchase, or do you have any general questions relating to the topic of occupational health and safety? Then please contact us. We will be happy to advise you!

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