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We have cleaning brushes available that are made of high-quality materials, with fine bristles and hard bristles, and ones suitable for use in the food industry. They'll turn scrubbing into a whole new experience.

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Cleaning brushes – dust and dirt don't stand a chance

A cleaning brush is just a cleaning brush, isn't it? Ours aren't. Our customers have helped us understand how important good brushes are in the food industry, in production and in workshops.

Why a cleaning brush needs to suit its area of use

In theory, you could use a shoe brush for cleaning work surfaces. In practice, however, you'll be far from impressed by the result. The same would happen if you'd try cleaning dirt off pipes or cleaning under your fingernails using a floor scrubber.

Cleaning brushes used in the food processing industry must comply with legal regulations in order to guarantee perfect hygiene. Regulation (EC) 1935/2004 on Food Contact Materials has a key importance in this context.

This means that to achieve optimal results, any old brush won't do – what you need is exactly the right brush. At kaiserkraft, you'll find wall and floor brushes, hand and nail brushes, scrubbing brushes, pipe brushes and much more. A big range of brushes is the best way to ensure your employees scrub their way to success.

How to find the right brush

When choosing a brush, start by looking at the name for orientation.

  • Hand and nail brushes are specifically suited for cleaning these parts of the body.

  • Scrubbers are the right choice for floors.

  • Scrubbing brushes are used to clean all the utensils and machines used in kitchens.

  • Do you to clean cramped and difficult-to-reach spots? Then take a look at our pipe brushes.

  • Even washing brushes can be used to reach spots that are difficult to access. They are particularly suitable for cutting boards, conveyor belts, bowls or tables.

  • Is your scrubbing brush unable to reach under machines and equipment when cleaning the floor? Our corner scrubbing brushes can.

  • Our round brushes are used for cleaning on-the-go. They can even be secured in rubber ring mats, brushing the shoes of anyone who walks over them clean.

Other aspects to consider

Taking a close look at the details is also recommended when choosing a brush. By principle, soft bristles are gentler and hard bristles are more thorough. A good compromise often represents the ideal solution. For example, the bristles of our hand brushes are hard enough to effectively remove dirt, while also being soft enough to get under your nails without causing injuries.

Other properties of cleaning brushes that are worth paying attention to:

  • Materials and their suitability – for example for the food industry

  • Diameter of pipe brushes

  • Any water channels featured

  • Length of the handle

  • Different colours to prevent cross-contamination

  • Holes in the handle to hang the brush up

And speaking of handles: handles for scrubbing brushes and other types of brushes are available separately in the shop. Just click on ''Accessories'' and order whatever you need. Take a look at our other products for industrial cleaning as well. Our guide will help you make the perfect choice.

Do you have questions, or are you looking for a brush that you've been unable to find here? Then please contact us directly using our contact page.