Industrial chairs

For a healthy posture while seated: ergonomic industrial chairs are designed to satisfy the requirements of different industries. From industrial chairs for workshops and mechanical work to models for laboratories or doctors’ surgeries – at kaiserkraft, you’ll find suitable industrial chairs for your company.

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    Ergonomic chairs and swivel chairs

    : for a healthy posture while you’re seated

    Today’s ergonomic chairs are ergonomic and promote a healthy posture while the user is seated. This allows users to spend longer periods in their seats while performing activities, without straining their backs. In addition, industrial chairs for workshops, ESD areas and the like meet the functional requirements necessary in their area of use. The following tells you about the other requirements that ergonomic industrial chairs should fulfil.

    What matters most when choosing an industrial chair?

    Whether in the laboratory, on production lines or in the office: the area of use means that the industrial swivel chair must satisfy specific requirements in terms of functionality, features and ergonomics. To ensure that these are met, the following points must be taken into account:

    1. An industrial chair must be designed for the individual seat height and range of movement.

    2. Ergonomic chairs promote the back health of the user by providing supports, mechanisms and step-ups.

    3. In areas such as cleanrooms and laboratories, industrial chairs must meet specifications for conductivity or particle emissions.

    4. Today’s models are robust, hardwearing and can be cleaned to keep them hygienic.

    In addition, there are standards and regulations for work chairs in certain areas of use. The minimum requirements in DIN 68877 for industrial chairs for workplace use are satisfied by all models in the range. Some laboratory chairs also meet stricter requirements. These include, for example:

    • For cleanrooms: EU GMP Guidelines for Cleanrooms, EN ISO 14644-1 and US Federal Standard 209E

    • For ESD areas: EN 61340-5-1

    • For laboratories: hygiene regulations for laboratories

    In addition to the specific requirements that apply at a workplace, other criteria will influence the choice of which industrial chair is suitable: body size, weight and individual health requirements of the user.

    The advantages of ergonomic industrial chairs

    Ergonomics is the most important aspect of industrial chairs for workshops and manufacturing. Today’s models encourage the user to move more often. This prevents problems with posture, even when long periods are spent seated. The seat and back rest of an ergonomic industrial swivel chair also support the key areas in which strain on the body is relieved, and enable dynamic sitting: a permanent contact back rest follows every movement of the user. The synchronous mechanism keeps the seat moving along with it. Adjustable and tilting seat surfaces with padded zones provide additional relief for the spine.

    High quality models also provide safety by default with their five-star bases. Industrial chairs with load dependent braked castors roll easily and provide freedom of movement. Narrow back rests also have the advantage of supporting the back while still offering enough space to move around – this is particularly practical in the laboratory. Infinite height adjustment allows your high quality industrial swivel chairs to be individually adapted to suit your employees.

    Industrial chairs: different upholsteries and covers

    In addition to the selection criteria with regard to ergonomics for industrial chairs, there are also other aspects that play a role: these include the upholstery and covering. In harsh environments such as a production hall, self-skinning foam is a suitable choice. This is because it is also safe from flying sparks. Vinyl, on the other hand, is easy to clean and is suitable for areas such as administration. In an environment with few mechanical influences, industrial chairs with fabric covers are suitable – they are particularly actively breathing.

    Do you have questions about this product category or would you like any advice? Then get in touch with us. Our friendly service team will be happy to assist you in selecting the right industrial chairs for your company.

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