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Illustrate what you present – so that your audience can understand even the most difficult topics right away. In addition, whiteboards and writing boards have many advantages! You can find out what they are here.

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Whiteboards and writing boards: the analogue media for your successful presentation

Huge display, as good as maintenance-free hardware, intuitive to use and without an app – sounds good. But it gets even better: Once installed, they are ready for use around the clock. And best of all: From standby mode to the toughest continuous use, the bottom line in the energy balance is a constant green zero. Whiteboards and other writing boards are premium media even in digital times, when it comes to the visualisation of information. There are good reasons for one or the other surface or for both together.

Infinite possibilities with whiteboards and writing boards

Whiteboards are white, magnetic writing boards with attractive plastic or aluminium frames – let's call them the conference room edition of the school board. Whiteboards made of enamelled steel are of a higher quality and designed for heavy use – whiteboards made of lacquered steel are suitable for occasional use.

Your natural partner is the office marker: At meetings, training sessions or lectures you present the latest facts to your auditorium in black and white. Or just coloured, according to your needs and concept. And with a simple dry-wipe, everything can be erased just as quickly. Do you want to show a printout? Magnetic pins – and it's good. A small room has been booked for your beamer presentation? Whiteboards are also suitable as projection surfaces, for example for an ultra-short projector.

In our online shop you can get whiteboards in many sizes, formats and designs. They can be hung in unlimited numbers in a row on the wall, mounted together to form partition walls or used as mobile units on both sides of a chassis equipped with castors. Tell us what you need, we will be happy to help you!

Tips for whiteboard cleaning

Your whiteboard can no longer be cleaned thoroughly with the sponge, you can still see the colour of the pencils or shadows on the surface? Then we recommend specially prepared cleaning agents, such as whiteboard foam or cloths. You will find these in the category Whiteboard accessories. Please do not clean the whiteboard with cleaning agents containing alcohol, as this could damage the surface of the board.

7 Advantages

  1. Energy-saving: use without electricity

  2. Unlimited usability

  3. Easy cleaning with dry wipers

  4. Permanent use without preparation

  5. Working materials can be attached with magnets

  6. Expandable to flip-chart with clipboard

  7. Can also be used as a projection screen

Other types of boards in our shop

  • Flip-charts: Unlike the whiteboard, you don't write directly on the flip-chart, but with any pen on paper. Advantage: The described sheets are still available for further processing after the presentation.

  • Projection screens: You get the best resolution for a PowerPoint presentation, for example, on screens, because they have a special surface.

  • Mobile pinboards: Prepare your moderation in your office directly at the mobile pinboard and then simply push the board into the conference room.

  • Pin boards: Quickly pin and rearrange small documents with pinboards made of cork, fabric or linoleum.

All you need now is a moderation case. Why? Because it contains everything you need for your perfect presentation. What exactly? Pens, scissors, paper, index cards, glue dots, pointers and much more. Discover products now!

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