Lifting chains

Lifting, conveying, securing: lifting slings are suitable for versatile use. Whether it’s a round sling suspension, multi-leg chain sing or lifting straps – you’ll find the right sling for every area of application in the online shop at kaiserkraft. They allow you to move different types of goods for transport without any problems.

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    Lifting slings – crane chains and round sling suspension sets

    There's a yawning gap between the crane and load? Then you need suitable lifting slings. Our crane chains and round sling suspension sets create a secure connection for the transport of heavy goods. You can find out which solution is the best right here.

    Lifting chains – sturdy and powerful

    Sometimes its best to shackle a load. Lifting chains can carry objects with a very heavy weight and are immune to extreme temperatures. When suitable edge protection is used, even sharp edges won't affect them. One attachment point – or several – are always an advantage. Depending on the size and shape of the object that you wish to lift, you might need a chain with one, two or four strands. Fortunately, all three versions are available from our shop, just as lifting chains with shortening hooks are, to ensure the length also remains flexible.

    By the way: the alternative to a chain is a strap. This is a good idea when you wish to lift delicate loads with particular care. Furthermore, the straps exhibit versatility when it comes to attachment. This is even more true of round slings. You can wind them around the load and the crane hook, with one loop or two. In both cases, an attachment point is unnecessary. Lifting straps and round slings also save valuable space in storage.

    Important tips on the load bearing capacity of lifting slings

    Regardless of whether it's a strap, sling or chain, a key property of lifting slings is their load-bearing capacity. One look is all it takes in our shop to tell approximately how high this is:

    Lifting chains: the higher the quality class, the higher the load-bearing capacity. In addition, this is also determined by the chain diameter. You'll find lifting chains in quality classes 8 – 12 at kaiserkraft. If you decide for quality class 10 instead of 8, then the load bearing capacity increases by at least 25 percent. At the same time, you might want to choose a chain with a smaller diameter.

    The type of attachment and the conditions in which they are used also play a role. The larger the angle of inclination, the more the load bearing capacity decreases. The same applies to very high or very low temperatures. The load bearing capacity of straps and slings can be increased by means of double suspension. More detailed information can be found in our product descriptions. Or ask us in person. We're always happy to help you.

    Safe lifting with lifting slings

    Lifting slings need to undergo regular inspections to ensure maximum safety when lifting heavy objects and should be replaced when they exhibit even slight signs of damage. Stay on the safe side when using them too, for example by the additional use of edge protection, and taking external conditions such as wind or extreme temperatures into account. You can obtain accessories and additional information about the safe use of lifting slings from us as well.

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