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Workshop Equipment

Master craftsmen don't fall from the sky – they're too busy standing in the workshop. And they're even happier to stand there when the workshop is professionally equipped. With work tools and products that are safe, ergonomic and sturdy and turn your workshop into a master workshop. We can only say: masterfully chosen.
Our product categories
Assembly trolleys
Our all-rounders: table trolleys as a mobile workshop. They go everywhere and ...
Cool ideas, not just for hot days: fans. They get the air moving and cool down ...
Handheld lights, floodlights
Handheld lights and floodlights are now available in a variety of designs. Here ...
You should keep this category page on the backburner. After all, when things ...
Hose reels, cable reels
Say goodbye to tripping hazards. Au revoir to cable spaghetti. Farewell to ...
How do liquids make their way from a bin and into a canister? And how about ...
Industrial matting
Hit the mat – well, the industrial matting. Hard to believe all the advantages ...
Laboratory devices
We owe much of our knowledge to laboratory equipment such as microscopes and ...
LED Display units
Display units are highly versatile, whether for welcoming visitors, showing ...
Perforated panel systems
Let's get this system organised – with perforated panel systems. They allow you ...
Tool trolleys
Do you know what one of the most important must-haves for your workshop is? The ...
Traffic mirrors
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the safest of them all? The response: traffic ...
Trestles and roller stands
No support? No problem! We have support stands and roller stands in our product ...
Welding protection
Create your own mobile safe space for hot work with our mobile screens. Masks ...
Don't put the decision off any longer! Purchasing a new workbench will help you ...
Workshop desks
You can also deliver authoritative speeches in the workshop and warehouse: if ...
Workstation lamps
The right lighting at the workplace is a decisive factor for more productive and ...


Have you ever asked yourself what light has to do with productivity? Or why perforated panel systems are the secret organisation experts in workshops and industrial use? You don't need to find the answers to these questions, as we're happy to do it for you.

We have put together everything that will make your company more organised, more productive and safer in our Workshop product category. And we're provided helpful shopping guides at the same time. After all, everyone in the workshop has more pressing matters to attend to than spending hours thinking about workshop equipment.


There's always an empty space before activities start up. Because four walls alone won't ever be a workshop, we can make a start, what really matters when planning furnishings.

Have you long since passed this point in the process? Perfect, because we'll take care of the workstations. You can decide to install individual workbenches, or give preference to Lista modular furnishings, for example. The advantage: when all components have been harmonised with each other, then the workplace will look well structured, you can organise it better and adapt it to your current requirements.

But wait, isn't it still a bit gloomy here? Of course, without lights in workshop and industry, you won't produce anything other than bruises and idle hands. But simply hanging a bare bulb above the workbench and starting work? We've got a few better ideas than that. Our tips on light solutions will ensure you have a better perspective at work.

Workplace: check. Light: check. What else... tools! Instead of purchasing all your tools individually, save yourself searching for everything with our tool kits, and add the best arguments for organisation to your shopping basket in the form of shadowboards.

And because we think of everything, our Floor matting guide to symbols provides plenty of tips on how to make each and every workplace safer, and how to choose the perfect liners. Creating a standing workstation that protects your health and stays clean is done quickly with the right equipment.

Now it's really time to get moving! And if there's still something else you need, you'll find we have the right product in each and every case. And if that doesn't work out straight away, then give us a call. After all, you don't want to spend too much time thinking about it – there's work to do!

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