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Because you probably won't make much progress with standard cupboards in the laboratory, we have a range of specific laboratory cupboards. Whether chemical storage cupboards or flexible base cupboards for standing workstations: you can safely rely on our laboratory cupboards in the lab.

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Biosafety Laboratory cabinets for organisation and safety

Laboratory work is detailed work. But where to put all the things you need? Best in one of our laboratory cupboards. You can also store any components for your work there which require special safety precautions.

What requirements must laboratory cupboards meet?

How a cupboard should be designed depends, above all, on what you store in it. If you are dealing with toxic chemicals or other hazardous goods, you need a hazardous goods storage cupboard or safety cabinet. This is prescribed by law.

Our laboratory cupboards for harmless utensils are also more robust than other cupboards. After all, liquids that normal office furniture shouldn't get acquainted with sooner or later can get out of hand in a laboratory.

What should you look out for in cupboards for hazardous goods?

Hazardous goods storage cupboards are available from KAISER+KRAFT in various designs. The key to protecting people and the environment is to ensure that the properties of the cupboard and the hazardous good match. You can easily check this using the hazard symbols in our product descriptions.

Depending on the application and model, our safety cabinets are equipped with exhaust air connections, adjusting devices to compensate for uneven floors and sump trays. A locking mechanism is mandatory for hazardous goods storage cupboards and prevents sensitive materials from falling into the wrong hands. Safety combination cupboards allow you to store alkaline solutions and acids in one item of furniture.

Any questions? Answers can be found in our purchasing guides to the storage of water hazardous and flammable liquids or from us personally.

What other types of laboratory cupboards are there?

Shelving units, mobile base cupboards, wall mounted cupboards – you will find a wide selection of laboratory cupboards for documents, equipment and other utensils in addition to hazardous goods storage cupboards at KAISER+KRAFT. As they are made of melamine coated moulded chipboard, they are tough, but also look decorative and can be easily combined with each other. Also available are laboratory sinks with welded-in wash basins.

Which properties are important for each cupboard?

Good laboratory cupboards are not only safe and robust. They are also practical, regardless of whether it is a hazardous goods storage cupboard or universal cupboard. They require height-adjustable shelves with which you can flexibly adapt your cupboard. Drawers make it easier for you to quickly and specifically extract what you need. Castors make base cupboards mobile.

And to ensure that everything goes smoothly not only when it comes to storage in your laboratory, you will find many other products for equipping a laboratory in our shop – from boltless shelving units to laboratory tables.

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