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Why use large cardboard boxes for flat items when standardised book and calendar packaging and mailing bags are available? Save time, packaging material and money with our clever postal packaging!

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Book packaging and mailing bags for calendars aren’t just recommended for publishers. After all, this product category includes the perfect flat format products for mailing items: featuring all round corner and edge protection and an intelligent design, not only can books, but also calendars, mobile phones, CDs and DVDs be sent safely.

What distinguishes book packaging? What is the best way to package books being mailed?

Cardboard boxes for books, calendars and flat geometries fit around the product like a second skin. They protect small format printed matter and similar products from being bent, stained, dog eared and other damage. Depending on the format, this packaging is suitable for sending items by mail and can help save on postage costs. Additional filling material or products that help seal the parcels usually aren’t necessary due to self-adhesive seals and perfectly fitting sleeves.

This clever mailing principle is not only suitable for books or calendars, but also for other media such as DVDs and CDs, for file folders and blue ray discs, or for pictures and picture frames. Even technical gadgets or small products with their own protective packaging can be sent on to the customer in a calendar envelope or book packaging in A5, or another, format.

This has many benefits for you:

  • They are standardised to fit into a letterbox.

  • They feature all round corner and edge protection.

  • They fit around the goods perfectly, and thereby keep them in place.

  • They can be unfolded in full or folded wide open – for easy removal and presentation.

  • They come with self-adhesive seals and tear-open aids – many even come as a double model to make it easier to return items in the same postal packaging.

  • Depending on the model, they are also suitable for storing media and keeping them protected from dust.

  • Their height can be adapted to suit the product.

How can I make sending books and media even more sustainable?

Cardboard packaging without any additional filling material makes an excellent contribution to your environmental footprint. This, in particular, if you encourage reuse by the recipients – for example by using packaging suitable for returning items in. This makes it convenient and sustainable for the recipient to return products in the same packaging. Flat packs with sealing flaps can also be used for this purpose if they are secured using paper adhesive tape that can be removed, for example.

There’s an even greener option too: be even more sustainable by opting for grass paper packaging, the production of which is even more resource efficient due to use of this rapidly renewable raw material. Grass paper is appealing to look at and to touch, and communicates your green credentials to the recipient.

Find out which share of your shipping volume can be switched to postal delivery by using space saving packaging, without compromising on the level of protection or on quality. If you do, you’ll also optimise your packaging and save on materials, freight and shipping costs.

You can also read our tips and trends on the topic of packaging. Of course, we will be happy to answer any personal questions you may have – simply contact us!