Safety barriers, site fencing

For the protection of employees or as a barrier for unwelcome outsiders: barrier fencing and site fencing prevent access to areas that are currently inaccessible due to construction work or accidents. Use them to ensure safety comes first!

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    Safety barriers and site fencing – flexible cordons and accident prevention

    Mindfulness is very much en vogue. But when everyday life at work gets frantic, even meditation experts lose focus. Our barrier fencing and site fencing prevent employees from landing in dangerous areas in stressful situations, and secure construction sites against unauthorised access. The great thing about them is that they can be dismantled as quickly as they can be assembled.

    Safety barriers protects man and machine

    Safety barriers

    have three main purposes:

    • It prevents employees or passers-by from injuring themselves if they are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    • It protects expensive machinery and equipment, for example from collisions caused by a forklift truck.

    • It prevents access by unauthorised persons.

    Depending on requirements, barrier fencing and site fencing can be used for danger zones at companies, for securing construction sites, and for events. Unlike fixed barriers, they can be erected and dismantled in no time at all. At kaiserkraft you will find fencing to suit every requirement.

    These characteristics are important when making your choice

    Mindful people know: it's the little things that matter. This also applies to the choice of the right barrier fencing and site fencing. Here are a few tips on which details are particularly important:

    • With or without rollers: barrier fencing on rollers is particularly convenient, especially if you frequently move and reorganise the fencing.

    • Plastic or steel: plastic fencing is light and inexpensive, steel fencing can also withstand a greater strain.

    • Retroreflective or not: this question is quick to answer. If the barrier is set up in a place where people are also out and about at night, you need retroreflective barrier fencing.

    • Storage: space-saving storage solutions include scissor fencing that can be ''folded together''.

    You can also purchase door elements and wall mounting materials from kaiserkraft. Complete sets and other products for barrier fencing and markings: speed ramps, cable bridges, bollards and much more. And if you are not sure what exactly you need, please feel free to contact us!

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