Head protection

Looking for head protection? Find it here. Our safety helmets and bump caps provide more safety. And that with high wear comfort.

In the category Head protection we offer you products of the following brands: VOSS HELME, 3M, ABUS, Uvex.

Protective Hard Hats & Safety helmets – comfortable and efficient

As a rule, you have no influence on falling objects. But you do have an influence on your own choice of headgear and that of your employees. Use this influence and opt for head protection from kaiserkraft. And help stop the worst from happening.

Helmet and cap: which head protection is necessary when?

In principle, employees need head protection when there are dangers looming overhead. This is particularly the case on construction sites. Ideally, you should opt for hard hats for building sites that cushion the impact and prevent serious injuries.

Important: the helmet must provide good protection and fit well. After all, the more comfortable the head protection, the greater the willingness to wear it. That’s why our safety helmets are comfortable and offer a range of adjustment and ventilation options. They can also be easily combined with ear plugs and safety goggles. Safety helmets with visors provide head and face protection in one.

Everything is clear at the top, but there are sharp edges and corners lurking further down? Especially when you are concentrating hard on your work? A good reason why more and more people in any number of industries wear bump caps. They protect the head with an integrated ABS shell in case of accidental impacts. They also look so sporty and low-key that you can easily keep them on after work.

Our product range for occupational safety: play it safe

A helmet is not enough? Our online shop also features a selection of hearing and visual protection products for different environments and requirements. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you, and this in person as well. Simply contact our customer service.