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Don't feel like jogging? Today's exercise equipment for the workplace is fun and gets your employees moving.

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Fitness equipment for the company and the workplace: you can exercise anywhere!

No time, no options, no ideas on how to exercise? From now on, excuses are a thing of the past in your company. Fitness equipment designed for the whole body produces great results even in small doses. If you want to make health and well-being part of your corporate philosophy, you should buy the fitness equipment that best suits your company – or to home office workplaces – and ensure your employees can also stay fit and healthy at home.

Which fitness equipment helps train the whole body?

The best exercise equipment for fitness is the body itself. Exercising all parts of the body at the same time strengthens muscles, improves the circulation and boosts the immune system. If you'd like your employees to see the greatest possible results from company sports, provide fitness equipment in the in-house sports area, just like in the gym:

  • Multigyms for building muscles

  • Treadmill or elliptical trainer for endurance training

  • Yoga mats and similar fitness accessories for free exercises

  • Small items of equipment such as exercise bands and steppers for dynamic training

The more varied your fitness equipment is, the more likely users are to keep coming back. After all, muscles quickly get used to motion sequences and should always be challenged in a different way.

Which fitness equipment is suitable within the company or directly at the workplace?

There are a number of straightforward and easy options that will encourage employees to exercise without having to stop work, or make time for it after work. The trick: turn the workplace itself into exercise equipment:

  • Innovative combinations of a desk and treadmill are becoming the new highlight in co-working spaces.

  • Height adjustable desks with standing function get the circulation going by making the user change position.

  • Swiss balls and seat ergometers instead of desk chairs mobilise the spine and ensure the blood keeps circulating properly.

  • Company bicycles for the company premises or as a replacement for the company car are becoming increasingly popular.

Above all, the most important thing is to establish a culture of exercise in your company and give employees the opportunity to avoid putting the strain on one side of their body, and allow them to remain dynamic. That's why inviting outdoor areas where people can walk around, for example, are important, along with making exercise areas more appealing with the right lighting and an attractive look.