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Ditch the power socket and use a compressor – our professional pneumatic tools for workshops and factories come with extra power and are extremely low maintenance!

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Pneumatic tools: power tools have never been this powerful!

Industry and trade without powerful tools? Unimaginable! We go one step further in terms of power and speed, and offer you high quality pneumatic tools for professional use. This pays off immediately – with more power, a longer service life and extremely clever technology.

What are the advantages of pneumatic tools over electric power tools?

With a power connection and the right drill, grinder or impact wrench, you can get most jobs done on your projects quickly and without additional effort. When a compressor and our pneumatic tools are used for the job, even the biggest challenge will be a cinch.

Pneumatic tools offer a significantly more powerful performance than electric hand tools. At the same time, the models that operate using compressed air are lighter than their corded colleagues and have an excellent force to weight ratio. In addition, they are distinguished by their low maintenance requirements and longer service life.

This means that the comparatively higher costs of purchase are quickly recouped, especially in professional everyday use. In addition, you can set up the compressor that you’ll require anywhere – even where there is no power socket.

What accessories do you need for pneumatic tools like an impact wrench?

Pneumatic impact wrenches are some of the most popular power tools in industry and trade. If you want to re-equip your car workshop or production hall, be sure to include a compressor with the right power capacity.

Impact wrenches in particular usually require a high pressure of around 6 bar or more, and require an air flow rate of at least 115 litres per minute. Values like this are something that only professional compressors can provide.

When it comes to sockets and other accessories for assembly, pay particular attention to their suitability for use with machines. Unlike manual hand tools, the attachments for pneumatic tools have to withstand a lot of force in a very short space of time.

In addition, we recommend special oil for pneumatic tools. It has a different viscosity than comparable oils, and reduces friction and wear in particular.

As you can see: in order to coax the maximum power out of your pneumatic tool, purchasing and combining all the components carefully is the best way to proceed. We will be happy to answer your questions about our product range – please contact us!