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We're convinced: Our key cabinets have proved a saviour to the occasional customer appointment. Because regardless of whether it's the key to the company car park cupboard, to the storeroom or to the cabinet where all the important documents are kept – key cabinets help you to prepare to say the following words: bye-bye key chaos and hello organisation!

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Can we ask you to keep things in order? Key cabinets will help!

Are you interested in chaos theory? Whole fields of research could easily be devoted to ways for companies to keep their keys organised. Is that, however, really necessary, and does anyone even have the time for it anyway? The answer is no – because KAISER+KRAFT has a very well established range of key cabinets.

Keeping the business secure takes priority at every company. Maintaining security involves the company premises in their entirety, along with the production facilities, sales rooms, warehouses and offices, and keeping secrets of the trade, documents and other objects of value safe. Without a structured system of locks and keys, the company would soon lose itself in chaos. To ensure you can maintain an overview of access points both outside and inside, rooms or furnishings within complex systems, you'll find that our online shop has practical, needs-oriented key cabinets that cater to the respective business context.

In retail, trades and industry – key cabinets for every business context

The breadth of our product range extends from modes key boxes with an elegant aluminium design featuring labelling software available to download online, to life-size key safes weighing half a tonne, offering resistance class 1 and fire protection class LFS 30P. Whatever product you decide on, there's one thing all models have in common: Premium quality, functionality and organisation.

For all companies, in every area: Quality, functionality and organisation

While we're on the topic of safes: We don't just have them for your keys, but rather for everything which needs special protection. Of course, all the accessories you require for your key boxes are available from KAISER+KRAFT, these being locks and keys, ones which cater to all requirements and which suit the equipment that your company uses. And this equipment is, of course, needed for far more areas than well-structured key logistics: How are things looking with your office furniture? Do you need new cupboards? Or would a complete office be more useful? So many questions require competent advice. And that's what we can offer you. Regardless of what your question is about, we'll be happy to help make your company a better one. And because service really is our strength, simply ask us!

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