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What sort of colleague does your team need? Ready to help, agile, receptive, robust and strong and devote to work? Please: allow us to introduce the service trolleys and order picking trolleys from kaiserkraft. Suitable for use in many different areas to make transporting heavy objects easier. And to save the power of your manpower.

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Warehouse Order picking trolleys and service trolleys: fast delivery for customer satisfaction!

As a shipper and supplier, you can ensure you have a decisive competitive advantage directly in the warehouse: the faster your employees can put together an order and send it to the outgoing goods area, the faster the order will reach the customer. Order picking trolleys and service trolleys are therefore components that are all the more important for customer satisfaction today.

What are the advantages of service and order picking trolleys?

In the Warehouse product area in particular, transport equipment must be manoeuvrable enough to remain practicable in a small surface area. And it must be tailored to suit its respective task exactly. This is immediately apparent when it comes to service and order picking trolleys.

The employee pushes the trolley through the rows of shelves on smooth running wheels and castors, can pick out goods and products and sort them directly into the packaging provided, or into open fronted storage bins. The employee then transports the container either directly to the shipment point or to the workplace at which the goods that were picked out are needed. And in doing so, the employee didn't even have to lift a single heavy box or perform other physically demanding activities.

The straightforward method of picking and placing, sorting, and distributing goods using the trolley does, of course, also bring benefits in other areas of the business – for example in the canteen, or in the form of office trolleys used in the corridors of the administrative wing or in the mail room.

How do trolleys like this guarantee ergonomic work?

Anyone who uses order picking and service trolleys saves themselves the physical strain of carrying heavy and bulky goods. In addition, many models are also height adjustable, and the platform can often be placed at an angle. This makes it even easier to access the goods picked out for the order and ensures, for example, that you can reach for the next screw or the next component at your workplace in the workshop without putting any physical strain on yourself.

How durable are service trolleys?

The design and function of the trolley determines its maximum load bearing capacity. Of course, a mobile work stand with a single, tilting platform cannot carry as heavy a load as a multi-shelf order picking trolley with Euro crates. However, as always, we ensure that our range of products optimally satisfies the demanding requirements of load capacity in industry and workshops. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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